Moving Day, a Full Van

We packed the van up Saturday night, and filled every inch. Then after there was absolutely no space left, I remembered we had gone shopping at Target that day and bought a lot of stuff including kitchen bowls, glasses, plates, and a VACUUM. I don’t know how, but Mark managed to redo the puzzle to add all of it. Then that night I added a few more things, like an entire bed set, (sheets, blankets, pillows and all) and two loads of laundry. At this point the cats cages were getting higher and higher off the floor of the van. And then there were 3 more suitcases that Mark, Steve and I brought. So we all ended up sitting with our seats pulled all the way up, and very straight backs. Not very comfortable for a 15 hour ride, but at least we got everything in. 

Five A.M. we took off for New York. This was my second attempt at giving the cats ‘dog tranquillizers’. I have to say- I’m a fan. Both cats do not do well in the car, they are like children that when they see the other one get sick, they do too. And they do not contain themselves to the cages.  Killer has been known to stick her face up against the carrier’s door and throw up, expelling it everywhere it should not be. There was also the time on a car trip she pooped in my favorite pair of boots… just imagine how I discovered that.

So the drugs are wonderful. It is sad to see them try to stay awake and have their second lids covering their eyes… but watching Scout stumble around drunk is pretty fun, and I think they are much more relaxed than without them.  


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