A look back on Fashion Week pt. 1

In case you haven’t heard, or haven’t seen all my Facebook post, or gotten a text of Rachel Zoe from me… I got an internship at Fashion Week working for a production company. We were head-quartered in the Calvin Klein building and I spent my first day at Bergdorfs buying Wolford tights for Rachel Zoe. Seriously. What could be better than that?? (Getting paid would have helped… but thats a different story) (Look I just linked to another page, I’m a serious blogger now!) 

I spent most of the week running back and forth between Manhattan Wardrobe Supply, Duane Reade, and Staples. I bought thongs, paper, dressing bags, shoes insoles, and lots and lots of gum. Then I went back and forth between the studios of Jen Kao, Rachel Zoe, Ports 1961, Yigal Azrouel to deliver stuff. Click any of those if you’re interested in their designs.

We did some presentations, where the models stand there for an hour or an hour and a half. (Don’t worry, they get water every 20 minutes or so from me.)

(Fotini) (photo from Alex Jolicoeur)

(photo from Alex Jolicoeur)


And we did some runway shows. The first one I got to see not backstage was Rachel Zoe, who I LOVE, and it was 3 row. There were only 2 rows, and I was standing behind them… but still 3rd row! It was at the Empire Hotel, in an intimate all white room. The entrance flooded with the smell of Diptyque Candles and lots of white flowers. Very RZ. 

(Rachel Zoe) (photo from Alex Jolicoeur)

(photo from Alex Jolicoeur)

My favorite part of the week was helping the collection coordinator for Yigal Azrouel. I made dressing cards, handed shoes when asked for, and wrapped up the clothing. Once they were all ready to go, I jumped in the back of a moving truck to escort them to the tents. So it especially wonderful watching the clothes go down the runway, when I knew I had a part in getting it there, if only minute. 

(Yigal adjusting the looks before the models stomp the runway)

(Models all lined up, almost ready to go) 

So that was the first half of the week… more tomorrow. 

xo ZZ


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