Studio ZZ

Upon arriving to New York, at 9PM, after a 15 our car trip, I walk the 4 flights up into my mystery apartment. And almost had a panic attack. It’s small. I guess Peter wash’ t under selling it. The bathroom is even smaller than small. It’s like a playhouse bathroom. 

Now that I’ve been in it for a few weeks and all my stuff if nicely put away it doesn’t feel as small. And one good thing is that it only takes me about 10 minutes to clean the entire place. Including vacuuming and swiffering. So thats a plus. 

Before pics..

The bedroom area-

Standing at the front door looking into the kitchen, dining area: 

Living room nook: 

We spent a few days shopping at Ikea, Home Depot, cleaning, organizing, had countless discussions on shelving (prices vs. wall strength) and putting together furniture. 

I am completely worthless when it comes to putting together Ikea furniture. I swear I look at every picture in the instructions and make sure it matches what I’m looking at, but still EVERYTHING I have ever made has one piece backwards. I have a bookcase with 1 unpainted piece of wood at the bottom and many nightstands and drawers that just don’t look right.

So I am sooo thankful that Mark, Peter and Steve were here to put everything together for me while I watched. They were gone for a few hours one day and I attempted my bed… and I had once again done it backwards and they had to take it all apart to fix it.

Update: I forgot to thank Steve for sticking a pen into several sockets to clean them out. You’re the best Steve! 

It’s very livable now. Thanks for all your help y’all! 

 Still looking for a rug and some other chotskies to make it even more mine. 

And this baby is on the way to my house, can’t wait to put him up!! Made from repurposed cement bags and vintage French book pages- papier mached. 

Oh and I have comments now! You have to click on the title of the post, and it will change pages and on the top left there is a place for comments. The “theme” I chose doesn’t allow for comments, so I had to manually insert the code in the HTML. Did I loose you? I don’t know how I accomplished it either…. 

But it’s there! So leave a comment y’all! 

xo ZZ 


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