1 Dog, 2 Dog, 3 Dog, More!

Our Finnish family friend Elina is here visiting, and loves a good kitchen store. So we (Grandma, Elina and I)  headed downtown to go to Chelsea Market’s Bowery Kitchen Supply. Our walk down there was cold but sunny, and with a funny lady “walking” her dogs in a suitcase. 

What a strange lady to carry her two dogs in suitcases – with beautiful outfits on. Who is she? Why can’t they walk? I wanted to know their story! 

So I get closer to take a picture of this adorableness. 

And out pops a THIRD dog! It’s too much cute. I have to talk to her. 

So when we get to the end of the block, I stop to take pictures of her and pet the pups, and… 

She’s carrying a FOURTH dog! Turns out “they are just so white” and she doesn’t like to get them dirty. When they are at their country house, and it’s cleaner and there is sand, she lets them run around. She says they are so used to it they don’t even want out, and don’t mind being pulled around. I let them lick my face for about 5 minutes- they were clean after all. 

Into Chelsea Market we go. Obviously we can’t pass a crepe stand without getting one, so we stop for lunch.

Elina’s crepe with pear, gorgonzola, walnuts, honey, lettuce and balsamic vinegar. 

My apple, brie, lettuce, honey, and balsamic dressing crepe. Yummy.

Again, we can’t pass a gelato place without getting some- I think its a law or something. And they had my 2 favorites types of Sorbetto, grapefruit and passionfruit. The passionfruit was sooo delicious. 

Now that that’s out of the way, we can go to the kitchen store. I got a can opener, oven mitt, and pepper grinder that magnetizes to the fridge. More strolling around Chelsea market to the independent designers, book stores, and card shops. Side note- I got the second Hunger Games book, and I can’t wait to read it. Don’t tell me what happens. 

We leave Elina who goes off to a famous pilates class (?) and onto some more shopping. I found a suitable copy of the rug I was coveting at ABC home, which cost $998 for a 3 x 5. Thats some serious rug. But aren’t they beautiful. 

Here’s mine from Urban Outfitters. And half off too! Thanks Presidents Day, and Grandma! 


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