Sister Act, The Musical

I was excited for Sister Act. I think too excited. I was looking forward to a live version of the movie, featuring all the songs I love so much. 

But no, there was none of that. They didn’t even sing ‘I Will Follow Him’. It’s not Sister Act without that belting out at the end! I thought the entire show was a bit dull, the songs were nothing compared to the ones from Wicked or Book of Mormon. It also needed the sass and fierceness of Whoopi. They have made Deloris too sweet, and a little peppy. Though she was highly against living in the convent, she seemed to be perk up pretty quickly when she went to the choir- there was not really any resistance to her being there. But the audience who hadn’t seen the original movie, seemed to enjoy it more than me. It’s like reading a book before the movie- it can never live up. Ok, enough grumping… 

I did enjoy the costumes and sets. The floor was a built in lazy susan that they used in all sorts of creative ways, including running on, slowly changing scenes, and the passing of days. 

In a few seconds the entire stage would transform from a bag neighborhood into a gorgeous interior of the convent, complete with stained glass walls, multiple doors, and a balcony. All slowly in front of our eyes, piece by piece they would move across the stage until it all came together. 

The costumes! The nuns started out in plan boring habits, that as each song went on had more glitter and color than the one before. And not just any ole sequins- 7,000 Swarovski crystals were used. 

Since apparently I have made myself a theatre critic, I’ll give it:

Have a great weekend everyone, mine will include watching as many Oscar nominated movies as I can, and eating lots of popcorn. 

xo ZZ


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