Laundry Day

Today was my first attempt at doing laundry. Last week I knew I wouldn’t have time, so I just had them do it. I dropped it off a few minutes before they closed and they had it ready for me by 7:30 am the next morning. If only they had delivered it… it would have been heaven. (yes, other places deliver, but this one is super close, and doesn’t). And the folding! I have never seen clothes folded so nicely and perfectly! No matter what article of clothing it was, everything was made into one size, beautifully flat, and sealed in plastic. All for a price of $19.50. 

(This is not an accurate representation of my wardrobe, just the folding technique)

I already spend enough on grocery delivery (more on that later), taxis, and take out- so I was determined to do the laundry myself, especially because it’s the same place they do it. It’s not like it’s some fancy machine where little elves live inside the washer massaging all the dirt out. But wouldn’t that be nice! 

 I arrive with my laundry, and honestly I didn’t even know how to open the door to the washer. I’ve been doing my own laundry since the dawn of time, but this was like nothing I had seen before. So I stood there looking at it for 5 minutes, and then I asked the lady next to me what to do. She was very nice and explained where to put the clothes in, where the detergent and bleach go in, and explained the buttons to me. Uh oh, I forgot detergent, luckily I could buy it there. I did all that… but now how do I make it start?? I had to ask for help again. Turns out once you put in the $2.50 it automatically starts itself. Whew glad thats over with. 

Another 2 minutes staring at the machine to see how long it takes. My laundry lady was still there to come to the rescue, 30 minutes for all loads. 

(The ominous washer machines) 

The dryer was a little more self explanatory. There are heat settings, and it says where to put .25. Wow, only .25 to dry my clothes? Thats a steal! Ok maybe not so self explanatory… it was actually .25 for each 8 minutes. 

It was an exhausting day. I didn’t shrink anything, and I’m safety home with all my clean clothes. The grand total was $13.50. I think I’ll just spend the $6.50 for them to do. The folding really was worth it. 

xo ZZ


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