To Brooklyn and Beyond

Peter and Hilaire tricked me into going to Brooklyn recently. They lured me with “a really good restaurant, we saw it on TV”.

I agreed, knowing that its a long train ride, but hopeful that we’d be sitting and relaxing on our journey there.

I was wrong. Peter had not written down the directions, and phones don’t work in the subway, so we spent a lot of time switching trains, waiting for Peter to run upstairs to use the phone. After lots of arguing about how to get there, Hilarie and I decide to stay on one train, even though we know it’s going to wind all around Manhattan before ending up in Brooklyn.   

An hour later, we’re crossing the water as the sun sets on Manhattan. 

Finally in the right borough, we have to take 2 more trains, walk a little on poorly lit streets, and out of nowhere, we see ‘Do or Dine’. It only took an hour an a half to get there- and the place is completely empty. I’m beginning to wonder if we have the wrong place…?

It’s small and dark, rap music is blasting and there’s a disco ball swirling above us- lots of Notorious BIG theming happening. The menu has things like: baby octopus over deviled eggs with a side of tiny pickle shoved up the stem of a mushroom, Foie Gras donuts, a Chicken and Woffles (with clove, blood orange, maple sauces), and martinis with chili peppers floating in it.  

I’m a very adventurous eater, but I was in over my head. Peter suggested the “a fish and some chips”. Why haven’t I learned by now?? 

This is what arrived. An entire snapper, deep fried, on a bed of yuzi-frites, covered in a heaping of pickled onions and something(?) with a mohawk of roe. It looked pretty discusting. Turns out it was DELICIOUS! (Fine, you were right Peter). The best piece of fish I have eaten in a while. Seriously. Whatever that pickled stuff was, it was amazing. I even put it on the perfectly crisp fries. 

In a fun twist, Peter had “checked us in” on Facebook, and his friend Olga from Antioch, lived only a few blocks away. She met us near the end of our meal, gave us a 10 minute overview of things we should know about NY, the best places to shop, eat and drink, and the best thing she gave us: a personal guide back to Manhattan. She was headed that way too, so we followed her like ducklings – and it was much quicker this time. Like, 45 minutes quicker.

All in all, an enlightening night. Definitely a place to take adventurous friends who visit, if we could only find our way back there. 



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