Get it Girl!

I’ve eaten way to much pizza and had not much exercise since I’ve been in NY (not including jumping in and out of taxis, lugging around heavy boxes full of paper, walking around NY, and my daily fourth floor walk up) so I suggested to Hilarie that we try out a Zumba class at her gym. 

They gave me a little sales pitch, and then we stood outside the mirrored room until the previous class for over. Hilarie was pumped, I was getting more and more nervous. It also got more an more crowded the closer it got to 7PM. The space we were waiting in was so full of people you couldn’t move anywhere if you wanted, and you could feel the tension rising about whether we were all going to fit in there, and more importantly- to get the spot we wanted. (I’m a stand-in-the-back-so-I-can’t-see-myself-kind-of-girl).

I’m a terrible dancer… and was worried that the class was going to be too advanced, and everyone would already know the steps, and I’d be in the back fumbling and tripping over my shoes. Ok, well that all happened… But it was such a good class. Our male teacher Ronnie, was SO positive and happy the entire time. And not in an annoying Richard Simmons way (though I’m sure many people would beg to differ). He made sure to make eye contact with as many people as he could and point and say “Get it Gurlll!!” His smile was so infectious that I couldn’t help but to peel myself off the floor to do another dance. The room was so hot with all of our bootys shakin’, the mirror fogged up so much that if you were standing front row and wanted to see yourself you wouldn’t have been able to. So if not for the lovely Raldane, I would have been out of there. 

Also, doing the Charleston was a new fun twist to a Zumba class. 

I know these are dull pictures, but I forgot to bring my phone in until the last minute… 



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