Tea Time

I’ve been dying to have a proper meal at ‘Alice’s Tea Cup’ for a few weeks now. The first I heard of it, a friend and I just stopped in to grab a scone. But Chapter III is only a few blocks from my apartment, so I was determined to eat there today. I made sure to don my best Alice outfit, complete with curly curls and my cat sweater. 

It’s a magical, whimsical room filled with swirly iron furniture, Alice themed murals, and the scent of deliciousness being pumped into the room.

Hilarie and I got to sit on the balcony by the window as we sipped our water from mason jars. 

The isn’t any sissies tea shop, you get the entire pot of tea and scones as big as your face. We ordered iced teas, (I’ve already forgotten their names, there was pages and pages of teas), vegan squash soup, hummus sandwich and fries. All wonderfully tasty. I made sure to save room for scones, and ordered the cranberry with orange marmalade drizzled overtop,  and a pumpkin one. The pumpkin wasn’t the best, but the cranberry scone was to die for. Even Hilarie who’s not a fan of orange flavored things loved it. It was also served with raspberry jam and clotted cream, a delightful addition to each mouthful. 

Another place to add to the list for when visitors come, I think Nashville Aunt Amy will especially enjoy it. 

Of course after all that eating, I made Peter take a long walk around the city with me-more on that tomorrow. 


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