Pleasantville in New York City

I’m in love- with a small strip of land named Roosevelt Island. For an island that used to house 1,700 lunatics and inmates, and was called Welfare Island- it’s come a long way. 

After bingeing on scones, Peter and I roamed for 20 blocks until we stumbled on the Roosevelt Island Tramway. It’s the cheapest scenic tour of New York ever, at only $2.50. It’s a pretty nice view of Manhattan, Roosevelt Island and the surrounding area on the 5 minute sky high ride there. 

(That first strip of land is Roosevelt Island)

Upon arriving, there is an instant change in the atmosphere. With only a few roads, there are no cars trying to run you over, the constant honking is gone – its insanely quiet. There’s plenty of grassy green areas with ducks roaming around happily. And beautiful new buildings for rent with floor to ceiling windows. It’s its’ own little sanctuary, the perfect combination of suburbs right in the middle of the city. And I can’t imagine the crime rate is high, what with there only being 1 rode, 1 train, and 1 tram to get you off the island. 

A one bedroom cost $3,000. I guess perfection comes with a price. So we headed back to our cramped quarters, barking dogs, and leaky sinks. At least my apartment didn’t once house those with smallpox… or any that I know of. 


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