I saw this recipe on Pinterest awhile ago and finally had time to make it today. The recipe simultaneously sounded disgusting and delicious at the same time.  Cold noodles, brown sugar, sesame oil??? What could I be making? Stay with me,  it turns out really good. 

First, throw an entire package of linguine in boiling water. 

While that’s cooking, start chopping up your vegetables. You can get creative here and use your favorites. Giant genetically modified bell peppers are a good option. There’s no way bell peppers really look like this. Did you know they have fish DNA in them to make them more frost-tolerant. Ok, that could just be an internet rumor- but I’m going with it. 

Make sure you cut them up into long thin strips, this dish is all about a rainbow of colors.


Onto the cabbage. The recipe called for cabbage, purple cabbage, and spinach, but really just go with what your gut tells you. 

This doesn’t have to be as perfect as the peppers, you can chop a little more haphazardly with the cabbage. No measurements on this either, just go with you’re heart. Next, scallions. The whole thing, make sure to get them ombre effect on your cutting board. Hombre is super hot this season. 


You can start throwing it all into a bowl. I also added peeled and thinly sliced cucumbers and a can of artichoke hearts. 

A little tip: Make sure you plan ahead with this meal so you have time to go to the good grocery store that actually has all your ingredients needed, like cashews and bean sprouts. I’m sure they would have added a nice crunch to this pasta/veg salad.

Are you paying attention? You’re pasta is probably done by now! Throw a piece on the wall to check. If it sticks it’s ready, and when it falls off the wall in a week you’ll know it’s no good anymore. Strain it and stick everything in the fridge. 

Now time to make the dressing. Put it all in, I promise the end result is fabulous. 

The juice from 1 whole lime. 

8 tbsp olive oil

8 tbsp soy sauce

1-2 tbsp sesame oil

1/3 cup brown sugar

3 tbsp fresh ginger

2 cloves garlic

1-2 whole hot pepper/jalapeño- if you desire a little extra umphf 

(Try to wait till a friend, sibling or spouse is around to cut the jalapeño for you, so that you can spare yourself from burning your throat, fingers and eyes. ‘Cause really, you’ve done all the hard work, they just need to cut up one measly pepper.)

Cilantro. lots and lots of cilantro. Unless it takes like soap (me) then just chop it up and garnish your guests’ plates with it. 

Once you’ve added all the ingredients for the dressing, whisk it, whisk it good. Make sure you use an adorable giraffe whisk or else the recipe doesn’t really work. 

Take all that stuff out of the fridge, pour the dressing on, and Voila! You’ve made a delicious and slightly healthy pasta full of vegetables. And it’s virtually impossible to mess this up. Unless you’re me, who has been known to add 1/2 cup of salt to cookies instead of 1/2 tbsp, or that time I forgot to add sugar to the banana bread. It does NOT turn out the same.  Trust me. 

 Next time I make this I think I’ll try it with hot pasta and sautéed vegetables. Mmm its warming my belly just thinking about it. 

Any accident free recipes you’ve tried recently you want to share? 


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