The Search For The Perfect Yellow Dress

The past 4 days have been nothing but shopping trying to find a yellow dress to wear to the wedding. It’s harder than it seems.

1. It needs to the right color yellow- which is not in this season. Everything is either mustard or neon yellow/greenish. There have been lots of the almost perfect dress in just the wrong shade of yellow.

2. It also needs to be stylish and Zoeyish.

3. Fit in with everyone else’s dresses. Similar fabrics, appropriate for hot Florida, but also night time wedding. 

4. It has to be maid of honor and only-brother’s-only-wedding worthy. 

So really it’s impossible to find this dress!  

Day 1 Started at a sample sale. Since its all last seasons stuff, it was sort of a bust. But a fun experience none the less. They have tons of gorgeous designer dresses for a 1/3 of the designer prices. If only Hilarie said we could wear a floor length, navy blue gown with leather accents- I would have been done the first day.

Then on to two bridesmaids showrooms (by appointment only, oh la la). The first place I tried on lots of hideous dresses, which I didn’t take pictures of, the 2nd one was MUCH nicer. The dresses were gorgeously made, the colors perfect, and they have almost every size in every color- which makes it nice to actual try on what you would order. And they supply gray shoes in my size to try. But still not the perfect dress, a little casual. 

Then on to Lord and Taylor, where I did find an amazing dress I’m obsessed with, but there was a little matter of ‘weird wingy things’ on the back. So I had to leave the only size 4 behind in hopes that if I change my mind it would still be there. 

The next day I roped Hilarie and Peter into the hunt. I found 2 dresses online at Saks, so we went there hoping they would have them. After going to Saks, Bloomingdales and Macys, none of them had the dresses. Peter and Hilarie were annoyed after the first 10 minutes, I think I’m being a little bridemaidzilla- but really, refer to back to #4- there’s only 1 dress to be worn, and it needs to be right. So of course we needed a little chocolate break to get our perkiness back. 

We went upstairs in Saks to the chocolate bar – Charbonnel et Walter. The desserts literally move down the line and taunt you as they pass. Some espresso and three macaroons later- we’re on to more shopping. 

So far the tally is 1 returned dress:

Two bought dress:

The dress being a lost cause, we went into The American Girl store. Uh-MAZING! More on that tomorrow. It makes me want to pull out my own Samantha from the attic and go buy her a new outfit and have tea together. 

We ended the night by seeing Wanderlust with Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd, which was pretty stupid and hilarious at the same time. The best kind of movie when your brain hurts from too much shopping. 


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