American Girl Place

During one of our shopping trips this weekend, we walked past the American Girl (doll) store, and decided to go in and check it out. It’s every little girls dream. Three floors of dolls, clothing, furniture, tea room, even a hair salon and emergency room! 

One part of the 2nd floor is devoted to the original dolls, each with their own beautiful window display. But there are SOO many other dolls to choose from now. You can basically design your own, down to having the same eye, skin and hair color as you. You can even buy the same outfit as them, and then go into the studio and have your picture taken together! 

Anything you can imagine- they have for the doll. Equestrian clothing and a horse, cast for a leg, real cast iron furniture, a dog sled! 

Once you’ve got your doll and spent hundred on accessories, you go to the third floor where the hospital and hair salon is. There are a million hair styles to choose from, and cost from $15-$25 for a visit. The Pampering Plus package involves a thorough facial scrub and nail decals. The Spa Deluxe package features cucumber stickers for their eyes (the doll’s!), nail decals, flip-flops, a salon cape and faux face mask. For $14 more, you can get their ears pierced. 

Now it’s time for tea. 

Just grab a high chair, attach it to the table, and you’re ready for cinnamon buns, scones, fruit tartlets and pink lemonade with your doll. 

Oh I wish I was young again. How creepy would it be for me and Hilarie to spend the day here with our dolls? It would make a good story…. 


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