Ninjas, Bacon Floss, and Naps

Since Peter and I are still unemployed, we can spend weekdays exploring the city, annoying responsible Hilarie who’s training infants to become World Champion Sun Salutators. 

The early part of the day, I sat in my tiny apartment watching a stranger fix my leaky sink, clean my rat-poop-filled oven (seriously) and break my dishes (again, seriously). So after all that was over, we headed to Soho to go to the mecca of Asian chatskis. Three floors full of lanterns, tea, noodles, mandarin dresses, stationary, hand-painted fans, and every Fred product you could want. 

I filled my basket with Hi-Chew, nori for making sushi, miso soup mix, udon noodles, and sandwich cutters. I’m still regretting not getting those Dill Pickle breath mints. 

Or this grapefruit half saver. 

Rockin’ ice cubes anyone? 

I wish I had these cookie cutters to go with Catie’s baby’s ninja themed room I painted. 

Or the amazing cake! 

Parker was just a no-name ‘Baby’-bump then, and look at him now! 


Ok, I got distracted. Back to Pearl River- Who doesn’t need a tray for olives or cherries with an actual mini trash can to hold the pits. Genius. 

 Or floss?? You have your choice of salad, coffee, waffle or bacon. 

So hungry from all this wandering, Peter picked a restaurant .7 miles away that we were to walk to in the cold, thankfully Hilarie showed up just in time with a suggestion from a friend, and that restaurant turned out to be right around the corner. 

Eight Mile Creek. A wonderful, whole-in-the-wall, authentic Australian restaurant complete with Australian server. 

The menu had things like kangaroo, barramundi, and rocket and beet salad. I ordered the BBQ artichoke with roasted tomatoes, sautéed edamames and chic peas over a bed of spinach. The presentation was lovely, and it was so scrumptious. I could eat that roasted tomato, edamame thing every night. 

Then headed back home where I let a homeless man sleep on my shoulder. I’m so nice. 


I escaped just in time… 


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