First Day of Spring

Ok, yesterday may have actually been nice too, but I didn’t spend it outside- so it doesn’t count. The 70 degree (yay!!) weather was a lovely change from the freezing days I have still not become accustomed to since leaving Florida. I have enjoyed wearing some winter coats that haven’t come out of the closet in YEARS.

 Nothing too exciting today, a walk around Central Park with Peter, Belle and half of NYC- everyone was out with their babies and dogs.  Then some laundry, dinner and snuggling with Scout. Amateur cell phone photos to follow… 

This dog was so very excited to be at the part. She had some surgery recently, and I think hasn’t been around any action in awhile. She wanted to talk to every man, woman, child and doggy. Of course I pet her and let her lick my face for forever. 

(She really got under the covers and put her head on the pillow, no staging from me.)

And that’s it! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! What are your plans?



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