In the Kitchen With Zoey Part 2

I have a secret family recipe, passed down from generation to generation, that I am now going to unveil to you. It’s for homemade miso soup with udon noodles. It’s a quick, easy recipe, that everyone can make with just the ingredients in your home. 

Step 1. Go to your local Asian supply store and by a bag of miso soup mix.


Step 2. Empty 2-3 of the packets, add water and boil. I know, hard right. 

Step 3. Boil water. Add udon noodles, also from your local asian supply store. Or spaghetti, it would probably be just as good. 

Step 4. Combine the miso soup with your boiled noodle of choice. 

Step 5. Enjoy. Take caution if you eat this meal in bed, as the bowl will also be hot, and may cause some spillage causing you to burn your ‘table’ (also known as: your belly.) 

Your welcome. I’ll probably be left out of the family will now that I have divulged this recipe to the public, so try to keep your delicious slurping to a minimum. 


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