Hello, I’ll be your driver today, Zoey.

A second-cousin-thrice-removed-in-law was in town this weekend, so we were invited to a day of food, mingling and celebrating a pregnancy. 

The morning started off with me super annoyed. I made a reservation with a car rental place only 2 blocks away, the price was right, and they closed late. When I booked it, the site clearly said I could use a debit card to rent the car. Turns out, that only means at airport locations, and I can only PAY for the car with a debit. I need a credit card so that if I ran off to Long Island and didn’t return – I guess they could find me easier? 

So we did some calling around and there was another car rental place, same price, same late closing time, only a few blocks away. Only we have to pick up the car on the west side! Twenty blocks away and across the park.  Are you as annoyed yet as I was? 

We take a cab over there, get the car, (which I now have to use my SSN to rent, is my identity going to be stolen??). This place only has a Town Car left. A 1998 Lincoln Town Car. I was so frantic I didn’t really comprehend what I would be driving until I saw it in person. 

It’s now 2:15, and we are supposed to be at the airport at 2:10 to pick up Grandma. There’s nothing more I dislike than being late. Ok maybe public speaking. And roller coasters and heights. Cilantro, too. And being told I can use a debit card and then turns out I can’t. Ok, so there’s lots of things I dislike.

 I’m weaving through the crowded, traffic ridden streets, doing my best to avoid bystanders and baby strollers, a la Lindsay Lohan. This was my first time driving in New York City and I was hoping my decision to pass on the $9 insurance was not idiotic. 

Don’t worry, it all turned out fine.  

Now, onto pictures of the great uncle’s house in Long Island. It’s a beautiful 4 story historic home (completely finished basement and attic). I was given the grand tour by a 10 year old, so a lot of what I learned was which closets were her favorite, how soft the bathmats were, and how excited she was over the newly flattened tv screens. 

From someone who wasn’t selling me girl scout cookies, I learned that it’s 100 years old, many of the light fixtures are original to the home, and there is a walk-in vault downstairs- the combination still a mystery. 

It’s hard to see what’s happening in this picture. It was that hard to comprehend it in person. Floor to ceiling in mirrors, including the ceiling being mirrored. I love a cooky bathroom. 

On the child tour, I didn’t take any pictures, so I ran back through to get as many as I could last minute. 

This was in the basement playroom, which had a faux window scene, complete with live  hula dancer. 

The upstairs informal living room, 1 of 3. 

This room was fabulous. In any other home, it would look ridiculous and tacky, but somehow it fits here. What I really loved about the whole home, was the collection of travel souvenirs in the form of lamps, chandeliers and chatskis. I hope my travel items someday blend perfectly into my house. Unlike their current arrangement, as ineffective book ends. 

(Paris, Copenhagen, Sweden) 

Then we followed the GPS back home, which took us a new and exciting way. Even Grandma had never driven on the Throggs Neck Bridge. 

The town car has been safely returned to it’s home, without scratches or dents. I’m so glad I didn’t waste that $9 on insurance! Suckers.


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