So Many Ties, So Little Time

Bow tie shopping is so much easier than dress shopping. I’m not sure easier is precisely the right word, but it’s definitely better than looking for a yellow dress. As much as I love shopping, it was also less stressful than going on a wild goose chase for a dress that apparently doesn’t exist. And it helps that all the fancy mens stores happen to be lined up on 3 or 4 blocks. All nicely in a row for us to walk quickly in and out of each store, thanks New York- that sure was helpful. 

In an hour we went to J Press, Paul Stuart, J Crew, Jos. A Bank, Tie Bar, Saks, and a million other stores. Who knew there were so many beautiful tie possibilities! And so few bow ties! There’s just not as ‘in’ as the skinny tie right now, so every store we went into did have a good, but much smaller selection of bow ties. But still waiting on the verdict of whether they are wedding worthy. Definitely reception ready. 

Of course, Peter still home went home with 2. (I guess I had several backups for my dresses). Then on to Cole Haan to buy wedding shoes. I took pictures, and really want to share them- but they’re sort of too exciting that the only was they can be properly revealed is as a groom walking down the aisle. So I’ll try to keep them a secret for now. 

Then cousin Julian and his gf Emily came in from University of Connecticut. After a little tour of Peter’s apartment, we headed to Veselka, the Ukrainian restaurant in East Village. It’s the more relaxed, 24 hour version of their other namesake. Started by war refuges in 1954, the owner Wolodymyr Darmochawa named it for the Ukrainian word “Rainbow”. 

The menu is filled with a wide variety of handmade pierogies, stuffed cabbage, kielbasa, goulash, and other soul foods. I ordered matza ball soup, a potato and a cheese filled pierogie. Also, a drink named Cherry Lime Rickey- which turned out to be cherry syrup, seltzer, lime juice, and simple syrup. Pretty good. 

Peter’s choice was not as good. Chocolate egg cream. Oddly named in that it has neither egg neither cream in it. Originating in Brooklyn, it used to have eggs in it.  Now it’s just chocolate syrup, milk and seltzer. Sounds gross, huh?  It was. Peter doesn’t waste food – and he drank the whole thing. 

We ended the night with a bookstore and a chocolate overdose. I’ll fill you in tomorrow, I’m slipping into a rice krispies coma as we speak…  


P.S. I am aware and apologize for the many missing, mis-used and incorrectly spelled words. I write these quickly and tend to not read back through them. Is driving you crazy yet? Ok… I did that one on purpose. Sorry! I’ll try to be more careful! 


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