More shopping, museums, and finally cool air.

Once Peter had found the perfect shoes and bow tie, it only made sense that he look for a suit. At least that’s how I plan most of my outfits- shoes first.

After months of scouring the internet for a yellow dress, and trying on many, it’s nice to watch someone else shop. It was mostly fun, but sort of scary that Grandma and I were the only ones there to have our opinions.  What if the color is wrong, or the style to business-like, or we swayed him towards one he didn’t really like?!? It would have been even nicer to have Hilarie there. But maybe that’s bad luck? The salesman Izzy was awesome though, and was very confident in his knowledge of what looked best on Peter and what was appropriate for a June wedding.

In the end it came down to two, and after watching many episodes of “Say Yes to the Dress” I tried to use all the tricks I knew to help him figure out which one he liked best. I had him in one suit, held up the other in front of it. Took pictures of both, quickly showed them back and forth. Grandma tried the “ignore the price tag” one. I even pulled out the good ole’ Phoebe trick from Friends where she tells Rachel she isn’t pregnant.  None of them really worked.

The bride always picks that first dress, and so did Peter. Here were some of the contenders:





Then like a real New Yorker on a weekday, we went to Moma. There was a collection of photographs by Cindy Sherman. Not sure what to call her – photographer, makeup artist, hair stylist, model, set designer, costume director – she does it all, and well. It takes at least 20 people to get 1 picture for a magazine, and she has taken on all those herself. Even more impressive is that she’s a good model. As Tyra Banks has shown us, it’s the little squint in the eyes and fierceness that makes a big difference, and Sherman has mastered that. Peter didn’t even realize it was the same women in all the photographs until we were half way through the exhibit.

A lot of the photos were a little odd, some a little to graphic to describe on a family blog, but some were really impressive. She truly invokes the character she is portraying, and her message comes across clear.




Seriously, those are all the same woman, and she did everything for that photograph to be. I wouldn’t want one of her pieces hanging above my bed, but they certainly are interesting.

Then a short stroll through the courtyard.



One last stop before the day could be complete, the air conditioning store. I think I’ve lost more weight sweating in my apartment than from the gym. That’s how hot my apartment is. Even with the windows open and being 35 degrees out. Damn people below me using their heaters. Don’t they know I’m suffering?

Peter was so nice to carry it home, up four flights of stairs, climb out my window, climb over to the “balcony” and install the A/C for me.  What a good brother.




Isn’t my view beautiful?


Don’t worry, that got straightened out. Now I all need is my dad to check and make sure everything was done correctly. (I swear, I trust you Peter!)


And that’s it. I’m now using more electricity than ever trying to power my bedroom which is a far as possible on the other side of the room. I may resort to sleeping in the kitchen.


Happy St.Patricks Day!

xo ZZ


One thought on “More shopping, museums, and finally cool air.

  1. I like the 1st suit or the last best. Peter is long waisted and they fit best. Hey you have a tree outside your window!

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