Green, Green, Green

Maybe it’s because yesterday was St Patricks Day, maybe it’s because I read Green Eggs and Ham last week, but apparently I’m craving green food. I didn’t even realize until they were both completed and sitting in bowls next to each other. I also realized that I don’t have a food processor, and I need one. Both of these recipes would have been better with one, instead I resorted to chopping for a very long time. I’m exhausted.

The first recipe is very quick and easy and courtesy of Dad. It’s just chopped up celery and fennel. Throw in some lemon, pepper, salt and olive oil. It’s weird that I like it, because I hate celery, and licorice (which fennel tastes like). But somehow when you combine those things, their two negatives equal a positive. Just like in math. I wonder what else equates that way. It’s even better when you can chop it in a food processor a little so the pieces are smaller.

Second recipe, lemon basil pasta. The recipe claimed to be quick, easy and use only 5 ingredients. That was only partly true.

Cook some linguine up in boiling water, the last 2 minutes, throw in a can of beans. Whatever kind you like, I used cannellini beans.


While that’s doing it thing, grate the peel from half a lemon. Again, I have no equipment in my kitchen, so I used a knife, then chopped it up as finely as I could. Heat up for a few minutes on the stove with some olive oil until it becomes golden brown.


Then throw into a food processor, or as I like to call it in my kitchen, a Hamilton Beach blender.

Add a cup of basil, the juice from that lemon you peeled, salt and pepper, little more olive oil, and this is where it gets really weird.


Drain your pasta, but save half the water. I’m not kidding. You’re going to add spoonfuls of that disgusting dirty bean/pasta water to your “food processor”. Since I was using a blender, I had to add a lot more water than I wanted to reach of the blades. But really just add as much as you want until the sauce is the right consistency. Blend.


Then throw it on your pasta and stir around. At this point, it just tasted okay. So I added some more lemon. Then I heated up some garlic and threw that in there. Then some more lemon. Now it’s just a notch above okay. Not that it taste bad, it doesn’t have much flavor though. Next time I’ll add more garlic, and some parmesan cheese at the end. It could be that I’m eating it freezing cold because the air conditioner blows right onto my eating area.


This has been another episode of “Zoey Attempts To Cook”. Thanks for tuning in.


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