To the opera

The Opera is exhausting. I spent half of it holding my nose closed from the man farting next to me, holding my mouth closed from watching the actors faux vomit into a communal bucket, and being dizzy from reading the words flashing in front of me and then back to the stage.  Then when I moved seats farther away from Mr. Smelly, Mr. I-like-to-conduct-the-orchestra-from-the-mezzanine was sitting next to me.  And he stared at ME when I quietly took out a piece of gum!


Macbeth. I didn’t mention that’s what we went to see.  I know a teeny bit about the story; I’ve learned a little bit more from “Sleep No More” and Hilarie summed it up in elementary language, with phrases like “then MacBeth just starts freaking out” which actually helped a lot.

The stage was amazing. The Metropolitan Opera stage is huge. Opening act, there were 70 witches on stage. I thought woah, they’re really just bringing everyone out at the get go, huh. Then I realized they were all female sopranos, so there would be even more. At one point there was 200 cast members on the stage. I don’t think I’ve seen a show with more than 30 or 40 people.


Since this is my first opera, (just know in my head I’m saying Oprah) I have no idea whether it was good or not. After 5 minutes, the people behind me said “this is dreadful” but then later they were all hoohawing about how good it was. It was definitely impressive- singing, stage, and costumes. Except the part where rings come from the ceiling filled with the fairy godmother wielding her wand.

…I wish I had binoculars. 

To sum up my experience at the opera – It would have been better with words.   



Grandma, if you’re still reading this and haven’t disowned me, we had a GREAT time, I love trying something new, and thanks so much for being sick so we could go. 


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