DIY Thursday

Me and the Irish man at the hardware store are on a first name basis. Ok, I don’t ACTUALLY know his name… but that’s how often I’ve seen him the last couple of days. I’ve been working on a little DIY for Hilarie’s bachelorette weekend.  In the crafty mood, I figured I would do another project that’s been on my DIY pinterest board for months.

It only requires two things, both which are inexpensive.

Thin Cotton Butcher Twine and 18 small hex nuts (get crazy and use 20, or even 26!)


First, cut three pieces of twine about 2 feet long. Tie a knot, leaving a few inches at the end.


Taking pictures was almost impossible. The only good background I have is the hard wood floor – and Scout has an eagle eye when it comes to string. As usual, Killer ignored my existence.


Then start braiding, about 1 inch from the knot. Just watch out for ghost cat, she get ya when you least expect it.


Then before crossing over the left piece to the middle, thread a nut. Hold it in place while you cross that piece over the middle. Then thread a nut on the right piece, hold in place, cross to middle. Continue doing that until all the nuts are used.


Then braid the rest of the twine, tie a knot at the end. I made it long enough so the braid would wrap around my wrist twice, then just tied in on in place.


This one was my first attempt, and I think those nuts are too big. I also bought smaller ones, so I made another one with theses, and it looks better.


I made a loop and bigger knot, to keep it together a little nicer.


What other DIY ideas can I do with hardware store items?

Have a happy weekend!

xo ZZ


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