50 Days of New York

Life has been pretty good in New York these first 50 days. The reason I know exactly how many days, is because I got my electricity bill today. Just the gas alone was $219. I’ve used my stove like 5 times. I checked with Hilarie to see how many “therms” she uses a month, hers was 2. Mine – 119. Who has been coming into my apartment while I’m gone and cooking up a storm?? More importantly, why aren’t they saving me any food??

So then I called ConEd to question this ridiculousness… and I was on hold for an HOUR AND A HALF. I felt like Phoebe from Friends when she’s on hold for 36 hours. Every time I look at the clock, I think ‘I hate to hang up after waiting 30 minutes, they’ve got to answer soon! 45 minutes, seriously, its any time now.  An hour – I MUST be the next customer.’ I gave up. I guess I’ll try again tomorrow.

My morning started by picking up my dress for the wedding, which I took to get altered. It was all wrong. After arguing with the woman for a half and hour, the BEST offer I could get out of her was “two pairs of pants hemmed free of charge”. Ya, right, like I’m going to take pants back there. I was too timid to say it to her face (when does that happen?), but in my head I was saying “I have a blog and I’m going to tell everyone not to go here”. I only have 14 readers, and most don’t live in New York, but SHE doesn’t have to know that. I hate to break a promise to myself, so don’t go to Sunshine Cleaners on 1st between 78th and 79th. 


This is the front of the dress, how it is supposed to look, with the top layer longer than the liner. 


The back side, with the liner SHOWING. 

To top my night off, I went to get a glass of water, and the cat stole my seat on the couch!



Other than that, it’s been nothing but food, store openings, teaching Scout to jump on the closet, and a dog parade (aka, dog walkers). 







This Dr Brown’s Cel-Ray, tasted exactly like celery and club soda. Why do I keep thinking I’ll like celery? 


Checking out a hoodie store hangout, to see how it went, check out Hilarie’s review


Love the floors here! Think my landlord will mind if I paint mine like this?? 


That’s all I have for you! If anyone has a book on how to end a sentence, story or blog, send it my way. 

xo ZZ



3 thoughts on “50 Days of New York

    • It’s not, don’t you think I would have exploded by now? They idiotically prorated the amount to 119 instead of 8… I have no idea why.

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