Whitney and Oprah

In search of a little culture, I spent the day at the Whitney Museum of American Art. I started on the fifth floor where there was a free guided tour happening.  The curator has decided to clear out the whole floor, and using pieces from their permanent collection – have only 1 piece of art per gallery. Singular Visions. It really makes you think about that piece more when there is nothing else to distract you.

Right as you enter the floor there were four museum uniforms from 1991 on display from the Jewish Museum, The MET, The Whitney and MOMA.  I blocked out all lectures on the guard being ‘silently on display’, the racial topic, blah blah blah, I was checking out the tailoring, fabrics and buttons.


The museum guide was really great, she had lots of interesting facts about the artist and also about why the curator chose to display them certain ways, with certain lights, how they picked the music, and how they stored and delivered this very fragile piece that is deteriorating.


My favorite piece in this collection was “Circus” by Alexander Calder. It’s an entire circus made from wires. It was pretty to look at all the pieces, but even cooler to watch it in action. There is a film of Calder performing the entire circus himself. My favorite was the ax thrower, who hits his target, knocks her down, and then the medical team comes and takes her away on a stretcher. Also, the tightrope walkers, who would fly in the air and still land back on the wire.

Check out a small clip of it here:  The birds landing on the shoulder at 1:15 is pretty adorable.

Then I wandered into a small room in between floors 4 and 5, where they had Skype set up with a band in LA. You could sit down at the table, sign your name or draw a picture in the guestbook, and talk to whichever band member from Red Krayola is on duty at that time. I just wanted to ask about when they got a phone call or had to go to the bathroom…

That was my day at the museum. I saw other artwork, watched part of a movie screening and caught the tail end of a dance rehearsal. Not to worry though, I made sure not to gain too much knowledge in one day by shopping at a shoe store before and after. It’s all about balance.

Then I won tickets to an Oprah Show taping!! Holy Crap So much soul searching is about to go down. It happens Monday, so you’ll hear more about it then.

xo ZZ


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