I’m an Op-iest.

What a crazy, eye-opening, heart pounding, s’marvelous, lucky day. It actually started yesterday when I waited the 45 minutes to pick up the tickets (not bad considering there was 3,500 people in line).

When Talia and I arrived for the first show at 12:30, I was hoping to talk to an Oprah staff and ask if once all the seats were filled, we could occupy some empty ones. They told me to talk to an usher, the usher said to talk to an Oprah staff. While waiting by the doors inside I overheard another woman asking a staff member the same thing I was wondering, and he said no, you have to sit in your own seat, they’d be taking people from outside to be seat fillers.  We decided to wait there anyways instead of walking the many many stairs to the third mezzanine, last row. Then out of nowhere, an Oprah staff came up to us, and said “follow me”.  My hands are on my mouth and I’m just saying Oh my god, oh my god, I cant believe we get to sit down here. We just keep walking and walking.

At this point I am squealing so much Talia thinks I’ve gone crazy (she doesn’t know Oprah like me). The closer we get, the more I’m thinking there has a got to be a mistake, do they think we’re famous? Once we reach the front row, we’re just sort of standing there, unsure of where to sit, he leaves us while I shout to him “I love you!!”  The other Oprah staff then walks us into the orchestra section and sits us down in the front row, literally touching the stage. I’m in such a state of shock that this is actually happening, FRONT ROW! Though not in enough shock to keep my front jumping up and down. Immediately everyone around us is telling us the same thing happened to them and sharing their story.

While waiting for the show to start the audience was buzzing with excitement. There was never a dull moment, we were either reading tweets on the screens in front of us, sending those tweets, taking pictures of each other, dancing with strangers, or swaying along with the audience warm up.

The theme of the show was spirituality, karma, who you are, what you want, and the first hour or so was Oprah and Deepak Chopra. They talked to each other, with audience members and used Skype to talk to men and women around the world, including 6 women in prison.

Then Perez Hilton joined them. If you don’t know him, he has a celebrity gossip blog where he daily reports on the daily happenings of Hollywood, and the juiciest rumors. Up until a few years ago, he was mean and ruthful to these celebrities, saying nasty things about them, covering their pictures in hateful words, and outing Neil Patrick Harris and other gay celebrities. Since then, he has had a turnaround, completely revamped his blog, and in turn – himself. He used to be this bitchy character with colorful hair, and now he is trying to be himself, inspire people and take a stand against bullying.  So to listen to him have a change of heart, explain how he got to where he is, and have the experience input of Deepak was very interesting.

Some of the more memorable topics, quotes, and inspiring words said from any of the people mentioned above:

Who are you without all the labels? What most people call your “bio” is really your ego profile. How do you explain who you are without mentioned what you do for work.

Don’t get confused between what people say you are and who you know you are.

The worst thing you can say about another contains some truth about yourself.

You can never feel good about yourself by bringing somebody else down.

Karma, whatever you do come back to you. Everything you’ve done has already been done to you.

Each day is an opportunity to take a breath and move in a more authentic direction for you.

A good way to take negative thoughts out of your head, or practicing meditation:

STOP.  1. S, Stop. 2. T, Take 3 deep breaths and smile inward. Smile all over your body. 3. O, Observe your body. 4. P, Proceed with kindness and compassion.

And if all else, fails, just say “Next!”

I’m sure you’ve had enough of my confusing spiritual talk. It’s hard to explain 2 hours in a few sentences when I could barely grasp everything they were saying. But it was a really great experience. What I mostly took out of it was to try to live in the now (I’m constantly worried Peter is going to fall off a cliff), be positive, put positive energy out there, and be kind.

(Gayle, Oprah’s BFF)


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