That time Tracy Morgan sat in front of us at the Michael Jackson Cirque show

I must have found a four-leaf clover, picked up a penny, dreamt about a white cat, blown out all my birthday candles in one blow, or any other strange thing that causes good luck, because I have been on fire! First front row at Oprah, now upgraded seats at MJ.

Our original seats were right next to the handicap seating, so there was a major view obstruction, and Hilarie could barely see anything. We found an usher, who handed us tickets for our new seats, which we went to search for. We didn’t exactly find them, but we did find several empty seats in Row 2. So we sat. Moments later, the sparkliest jacket I have ever seen sat right in front of us. Everyone was taking pictures of  this person that glittered and his arm candy who was also wearing a blingy dress – we just assumed it was because of their cool outfits. Low and behold it was Tracy Morgan. Who then proceeded to sit on the edge of his seat sideways, refuse to stay still, and talk to everyone around him the entire time. His jacket was blinding me anyways, so I guess it’s fine that we had to give up our VIP seats at intermission.

The show was pretty amazing. I’ve seen an unfair amount of Cirque du Soleil shows around the world, and this one was not the most impressive, but definitely the most fun. The lovechild of MJ and Cirque is the Immortal World Tour. It was strange, went thru a huge array of Mj’s music, full of lights, fireworks, a pole dancer, “Bubbles” the chimp,  a barely clothed violinist, and the voice of MJ conducting the night along with live backup singers.

There wasn’t any high flying trapeze stunts, but the dancing, costumes, and music all made up for that. I couldn’t even begin to explain what my favorite part was, bug crawling out of a giant book make sense? Or six men uniformly flipping through the air and landing on their stomachs?

It was a wonderful night, which ended with Hilarie locking herself out of her apartment. Wa waaa. (Can you tell I’m watching Rachel Dratch, aka Debbie Downer from SNL).

A huge highlight of the night was that Madison Square Garden has a “healthy food” stand full of fruit cups, jello, vegan brownies and cookies and vegetarian sandwiches. Only in NY.

I wonder what tomorrow has in store for me? Maybe I’ll run into Neil Patrick Harris and Ellen and they’ll ask me to have lunch.

xo ZZ


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