Kneel Before Me!

My postings the past couple of weeks have been sporadic. I do have a semi-valid excuse though. I’ve been working on some projects for Hilarie’s bachelorette party, which at this very moment I am on the way to. Both projects required trekking around the Upper East Side, looking for the exact right tools, fabrics, ropes, thread, etc.

In the last episode EVER of the Gilmore Girls, during the graduation-reenactment, Kirk presents Rory with a sash made from his mother’s nightgown.

Kirk: Rory Gilmore, in my official capacity as town sash presenter, it is my honor to present you with this sash, which I also happened to make in my official capacity as town sash creator.
Rory: Well, thank you.
Kirk: Kneel before me. (Rory looks uncomfortable) All right, could you maybe just bow your head a little bit? (Rory does, and he puts the sash around her neck)
Lorelai: Wow, that is quite a sash. (Rory strokes it with her fingers)
Kirk: I got the material from one of Mother’s nighties.
Rory: Oh. (quickly lets go of sash)

I nominated myself official sash maker, and set off to attempt it. I didn’t have a nightgown from my mother to use, so I went to all the thrift stores in the neighborhood until I could find one ugly enough.I did find the perfect one, in a terrible blue floral silk, with giant ruffles all along the hem, but it was $60! When I asked if they went down on the price, the only explanation I got was “it’s french”.

So then I found a simpler one, but in just a hideous shade.

Did I mention I don’t really sew? I guess I sew enough to put two things together and make them stay, but not look nice. The cats tried to help as best they could, Killer handing me needles, Scout licking scissors, and generally sleeping on whatever I needed that second.

Once I finished making it sash shape, I tried to cut out some letters to spell her name but that didn’t work. Then I had the genius idea of adding beading in the shape of her name. Along with sewing, I have never beaded onto fabric. Learning lots of new things today!

It actually didn’t turn out that bad, the H is a little crooked. Now it can be regifted to Kathleen Zimbicki when Hilarie is done with it.

It still needed a little something else… A bow! Perfect.

Voila! All done. I’m just hoping I didn’t bring bed bugs into my apartment, or onto Hilarie… or my suitcase.. hmmm, I need a shower.

xo ZZ


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