Old Story, New Blog

Scene 1: Security

Belle and I part from Hilarie and Peter while they go to a different terminal at JFK. I stand in line with Belle on my shoulder while holding all of my other bags, and my arm was really starting to hurt. We get all the way through security and I put Belle’s lease on, my shoes on, grab my bags and all of a sudden, someone says “You’re dog just walked away.

Me: “Well why the hell didn’t you grab her??”

I drop everything I am holding and run back through security looking for Belle. (During this the security guy is yelling that I am going to have to scan all my stuff through again) Back to running- I’m ducking under line dividers and jumping over people’s luggage. She has made it all the way back to the door that I parted with Hilarie and Peter, and I grab her and walk to security. Thankfully they don’t make me scan my stuff through again only my shoes. I get all my belongings and try to get Belle in her doggy bag for 20 minutes, unsuccessfully. I finally give up and put her on my shoulder and walk the 15 minutes to Gate 23. It was VERY far away. I sit down on the ground and am a spectacle until boarding time. EVERYONE is looking at me, and several people come over to chat with me, including a baby. Belle was actually very pleasant with all of them and even let them pet her.

Scene 2: Boarding Time

JFK does not have jet ways to get on a plane. You have to walk outside and climb up the tiny stairs of the plane. So I’m walking up the tiny stairs with Belle and some nice man behind me is carrying my luggage, when a worker stops me.

Workerman #1: Mam, you’ll have to put the dog in your bag before you get on the plane

Me: I know, but I can’t get the dog in there by myself so when I get on the plane I will be able to do it.

Workerman #1: Well for allergy reasons you have to do it now, I can’t let you on the plane.

Me: Fine, you help me then.

We head back to the walkway area while he helps me put Belle in the bag. I board the plane again and get stopped by the one and only Flight Attendant on the plane.

Flight Attendant: You’ll need to have the dog entirely in the bag the whole flight.

Me: I know.

I sit down next to an old man. The Flight Attendant comes back over and tells me there are two empty seats at the front. I move up there. She again tells me that the dog has to be entirely in the bag. (Belle’s head is sticking out)

Scene 3: Flight Attendant, ugh

I put Belle’s head in the bag. She starts to eat her way out of it. I set her under the seat because I think we are going to be taking off soon. She starts to squeak. The people in front of me move up a row.

Workerman #2 enters the plane and asks to speak with me

Workerman #2: The dogs’ head has to be in the bag the entire time.

Me: I know, but she doesn’t like it in there.

Workerman #2: Well please try to calm her down. We can have the dog disrupting everyone else, or well have to ask you to leave.

Me: Ya, ok. [That was said sarcastically incase you didn’t catch it] I sit back down.

Workerman #2 talks to Flight Attendant, and to pilots. I am sitting 5 feet away from them and they are acting like I’m not there. Flight Attendant to Workerman #2: Here are the rules, the dog has to be in the bag the entire time.

Workerman #3 enters Workerman #3 to me: The rules are that the dog has to be in the bag the entire flight.

Me: I KNOW! But when I put her head in there she starts to squeak and make noise, and then the Flight Attendant complains. So which way would you like it.

Workerman #3: She can’t make noise or disrupt other passengers.

Me: Babies make noise and disrupt me!

[The guy sitting across from me liked this and agrees]

Workerman #3: There is another flight leaving at 8 tonight. We would like you to deplane.

Me: No.

Flight Attendant comes over.

Belle: BARK!!! [Passengers around me laughing]

Flight Attendant: Your dog can’t be disrupting the other passengers, you’ll need to take a later flight.

Me: No. You told me to put the dogs’ head in and I did. With her head in the bag she makes noise, so if you would let her have her head out she will be fine.

Passengers around me: The dog is fine, she’s not disrupting us, just let her fly.

Mediator woman arrives. Talks to Flight Attendant, Workerman #1 and 2, and pilots, They are all trying to convince Flight Attendant to let me stay on, which is basically down to her decision. “This is her emotional support dog….. its good customer service….. let her stay.”

Mediator woman to me: Tell her that this is your emotional support dog and she has to let you stay.

Me: Done.

After all the commotion Belle fells fast asleep and the Flight Attendant treats me like a crazy person the rest of the flight “are you alright…etc.”


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