So Much New York, So Little Time

Thursday was a whirlwind, exhausting, exciting, ridiculous day. We trekked all over the city, and Brooklyn, ate way to many lunches, and even more desserts, and walked until our feet bled.

The morning started at 9am when I met Trent and Liz and we tried to figure out the parking situation. There were spots open on street so attempted to move it out of the garage into a free spot. Except its not free until 10:30, so we sat in the car for an hour drinking coffee and eating bagels. Apparently this is a regular thing for most people, as many other people were sitting in their cars, from 9-10:30, until it was legal to leave them again. The woman said she’s here every Thursday. At 10AM a spot across from us opened up, so I jumped out to stand in while they un-parked. Five minutes later after getting yelled at, honked at, blocking the street, and switching drivers, the car was parked. I guess we should have read the signs more carefully (or at all), they ended up getting a ticket anyways.

But off we went to the Met. This was Trent’s first time in the city, and we had 24 hours to hit the top attractions. With only an hour to spare for the museum we went straight to the Steins collections of Matisse,Picasso, and Parisian Avant-Garde then to the Roman Empire, then the American Wing. Little bit of everything. We had just enough time to find George Washington crossing the Delaware before we dashed off to our next stop.

Where's Lizo?

Where's Lizo?

Strike a Pose!

Strike a Pose!

If anyone's having trouble finding a present for me... My birthday is in 9 months.

This would also be an acceptable "just because you're you" present.

We met up with the rest of the group and blindly guided our way into Brooklyn. It was 79% easier than last time. We attempted to eat at a really cute restaurant, but they only accepted Amex. Then we tried a cafe, cash only. Deli and pastry store, cash only. We walked into about 7 places that only accepted cash. We did find a Indian restaurant.. but Indian is gross. (Ok, Indian food isn’t “gross”, but I don’t like it, and neither did half of our party).  Finally a vegan restaurant that was more than happy to take our money in any form, and long as it was only Visa or Amex. The food was actually really good, and I don’t think the carnivores minded substituting their chicken for seiten.

Finally we get to our most anticipated attraction. The Brooklyn Art Library. Trent had submitted a sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project and before it headed off on its’ worldwide tour, it paused in Brooklyn. We all got library cards, reached for what type of sketchbook we wanted to see, and the librarian brought them our table.

Trent’s was of course amazing. But more on that tomorrow, off to eat yet another gigantic meal.