Sketchbook Project

The 24 hours with Trent and Liz were a blur. Since this was Trent’s first time in the Big City, we had to show him as much as we could. We had NY bagels overloading with cream cheese, went to the Met, saw Grand Central, and even went to Brooklyn. The reason eight of us trekked out there was to see Trent’s sketchbook is the Brooklyn Art Library.

To have your art tour the country, you just need to sign up to participate, get the required sketchbook, have a little creativity and send it back on time. It was started by a art school graduate who didn’t know how to get his own work into museums.

The sketchbooks we looked at varied greatly. Some have pastings of magazine collages, one was intricately cut out pages, one told a story of a kid who’s older brother tries to make him be scared of  monsters, but once everyone was asleep, he actually played with all night long. One was a box full of Polaroids that you had to put together like a puzzle to find what the picture was. Another folding up and out to create a pop up circus scene.

Participant: Trent!

Not a great shot, but his cover was the best of everyones.

another Trent Goodin

Besides be complexly biased and liking Trent’s the best. There were some close contenders for runner up. (Turns out, Grandma Kathleen had submitted a book last year and was in the library, so hers also wins first place in the completely-biased-you-wont-win-my-affection-of-your-art-unless-I-know-you-award.

Grandmas Cover

Coming in 4rd runner up (is that even a ribbon ranking term?)

trying to figure it out...

We had to cheat a little on 3 of the pieces, but we finally got it.

3rd runner up:

2nd runner up:

1st runner up. I am obsessed with this one. It’s theme is “Heros and Villains” and the inside cover told a story of how all heroes and villains were once children, and that the artist used family photos to recreate these”.

Oscar Wilde, Mothers and Women

"Hitler-an evil man, modeled by my dad- an amazing man"

The cover.

My favorite one:

Voldemort Jr and Harry Potter

I just find it to be a hilarious juxtaposition, thinking about Harry Potter sitting in Voldemort’s lap whose arms around him. I want to see more good and evil babies together!

You should definitely check this exhibit out, it’s at the Brooklyn Art Library – and look how many more are just waiting to be checked out.


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