The Greatest Gift Bag in the World

Today (and tonight) I volunteered for a company that puts on a luxury Bridal Show in New York, Chicago, Miami and D.C. To be a volunteer, they wanted you to be there for 12 hours. That’s normally outrageous to ask of unpaid volunteers, but I figured it would be a good experience and maybe get to eat some leftover desserts or a goody bag.

Around hour 10, my back was hurting so bad I didn’t want to sit down, for fear that I couldn’t get up again. But I powered through, because it had been a great day, everything had gone smoothly on registration side, and I shouldn’t go home early just cause of a little knife being stabbed in my back.

Then another intern handed me a cup full of cake, peanut butter and jelly and something spicy. It was so amazing delicious (I had 2), that it perked me up and I got my second wind. Enough to power me through folding linens, stacking chairs, and cleaning up.

Then, they handed me the gift bag, which we had been told all night was extremely heavy, and really good. I usually am not that excited about free gift bags. They’re normally filled with tiny samples of products I wouldn’t use anyway, lots of $40 of $500 coupons, and keychains.

But not this bag.

This is the greatest gift bag I’ve ever received.

First of all, it weighed 20 pounds. (And that was after I gave my cab driver the giant bottle of smart water.) It also came in a “reusable” brown bag.

Here’s the other things it included:

Wine chills drops (cools your white white fast)

a Giant Yankee Candle

Fake eyelashes

Luster Whitening Toothpaste

Natural Bisse Vitamin Scrub

Blue Lagoon Silica Mask (the stuff that comes from Iceland)

3 Fekkai products

Full size bottles of Resist Anti-Aging Skin hydrators


5 nail polishes

several eyeshadows

Toms whitening toothpaste

nail file

cake shaped cookies


2 keychains


caramels and other sweets

Water lily and herbs moist hand wipes

3 magazine

a giant book of the leading hotels in the world

The contents.

So other photos from the event.


An amazing gazebo, where a bride and groom stood during the show.


Can you smell this from there?


The spicy peanut butter and jelly cake


I was sort of obsessed with this Willy Wonka themed centerpiece.


Another shot.


Now I’m lying in bed whitening my teeth, eating chocolates, painting my nails, all while wearing my new fake eyelashes.

Night. XO ZZ


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