Celebrity Sitings

Yesterday was Heidi’s last day in NY, so we took off early so that we can could get in as many places as possible.

Our first stop was supposed to be breakfast in the Meatpacking district, but there was a shoe store on the way… so obviously we stopped in there. There was so many shoes we were in there for a least a half hour, by the time I had picked which boots I wanted to buy, I could barely stand from the hunger. I actually didn’t stand, I made Peter go pay for them, while I slumped over on the beautiful antique couches. I filled my stomach which as much water as I could, trying to trick myself into thinking I wasn’t that hungry. We walked the few blocks to the restaurant, but on the way we saw a dozen paparazzi outside a hotel, so I had to find out what was going on.

Me: Who are y’all waiting for?

Photog 1: Courtney just left.

Me: Courtney Cox?

Photog 1,2,3: HAHAH HAHAHAAH

Apparently the thought that that many people would be waiting for Courtney Cox was hilarious to them. Turns out, it was Kourtney, as in Kardashian. Even better. She had just left the hotel, but they knew that the rest of the family was inside, including Kim, Khloe, Lamar, Kris, Bruce, Scott, Kendell and Kylie. Have I lost about half of my readers yet? The Kardashians are my guilty pleasure. They’re everything I despise and everything I want to be, all wrapped up in one tanned, brunette package.

More chatting with papparazi getting the scoop, Scott had just opened his new restaurant across the street, they were filming a little for their E! show, and Kanye was doing an event that night, so they assumed everyone would be going.

Pappa, Paparazzi.

Instantly, I’m just not that hungry anymore. I sent Heidi and Peter to reserve a table and staked out my spot with the photogs. I was determined to get a picture of them, and I just knew they were going to come out soon. After 30 minutes, I couldn’t deny that I was hungry anymore and gave up. (They actually came out about 10 minutes later… moments before I went back outside to check it out. Just missed them!)

Oh well, on to breakfast at Pastis, a Parisian bistro channeling a 1930’s brasserie. We ordered the Croque-Monsieur, Croque-Madame, and Gratin Daupninois. The Monsieur is an open-faced sandwich, covered in béchamel sauce, thick slices of ham, then topped with gruyere cheese, the entire thing toasted to deliciousness. The Madame had a fried egg on top. Besides the potatoes having a stick of butter in one serving, they were also wonderful.

Sharing in it’s namesake, Peter ordered the drink Pastis, which is brought to the table to be prepared by the drinker. A glass with ice, one with soda water, the last with the pastis. When you add them together, they start to swirl and cloud up the glass, beautiful to watch, absolutely the worst thing I have ever smelled or tasted. Unless you crave black licorice (or anise) than this is not for you. I think it’s the only time Peter hasn’t finished something he ordered, no matter what the taste. Heidi was a trooper and drank it down like a champ.

After gorging on butter, garlic, and starches, we walked around a little and stumbled into a design store. There we found a rope, which the salesman claimed to be a “chair”. We convinced him to show up how it worked and this is what we got…

Is this not the most adorable thing you've ever seen?

Apparently it’s supposed to take relief off you back while holding your legs up, for a more comfortable seat. To me, you’re just sitting on the ground with a rope around you.

I had to test it out myself.

You know I can't go anywhere without letting a strange dog lick my face, especially if its a mini boston terrier.

Next up, the TKTS booth to get tickets for Seminar. Since we had a few hours before the show, we had drinks at the View, the spinning restaurant on the 48th floor of the Marriott.

Once back on solid ground, we passed by the opening night of “Nice Work If You Can Get” where we spotted some more celebrities.

Martin Short

Donna Murphy

David Hyde Pierce, aka Niles

Sarah Jessica Parker was also there, but I missed her. I got hassled off the street before I could get any more shots, so I called it a day on celebrity photos and went into Seminar, only to discover that JUSTIN LONG!! was in it! The play was great, funny, set in a fantastic apartment, and I feel smarter just having seen it (even if I didn’t understand every word they were saying).

Afterwards we waited by the stage door to get autographs and photos. All 5 characters came out, signed everyones Playbill, took pictures, and were so very nice and grateful.

Jerry O'Connell

Justin Long!!

Heidi’s first visit to New York wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Serendipitys to eat Frozen Hot Chocolate. 

I’m never eating again. Or at least until the next set of visitors come… which is next week, and then a few weeks after that. Ughh, I may have to let OUT the bridesmaids dress instead of in…



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