Making It To The Top

I mentioned a few days ago that we made one of Peter’s dream come true. It was team work and resilience that we can now check that off our list of things to do in NY.

It started the night before the actual happening. Liz, Trent, Peter and I were showing them around Grand Central and Peter mentioned that he wanted to go up into the windowed walkways that wrap about the main concourse. We found the elevator that takes you up there, but were then stopped by one measly little locked door.

Not wanting to get arrested, I made us leave the secured area quickly before Peter started pulling out picks and tools to break in.

The next night we were there again, this time with Hilarie and Heidi and he mentioned again his plans to find a way up there. Now he had the perfect tool to get in. Heidi. Charming, sly, infectious smile, eyelashes for days, she can get you to say yes to anything.  So off she and Hilarie (also a valuable asset) went to flirt with the MTA workers. After a few  minutes, one of them started to walk H&H towards the elevators, so Peter and I followed suit. When he saw us, he said no, he could not take all of us with him. So off they went, up the elevators, through that locked door, and onto the walkway high above the rest of us, just waving and waving at us suckers left behind below.

Now is where I come in handy with my refusal to take no as an answer. When they came back down, (fresh chapstick and batting eyelashes) I again asked him if we could go back up. He said no, but maybe one of the other guys would take us up, they also said no. I then told him the real story, that this was all Peter’s idea and his dream to go up there. That sold it.

It was actually pretty cool up there. The floor was glass, but so dirty you couldn’t even tell. The mechanisms for the windows were all attached, one crank open several floors of windows.

View from the top

Our guide. Hope his boss doesn't see this.

I wonder what Peter will dream up next…



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