Clap Your Hands, y’all.

While the parents were visiting last week we ate so many meals – I’m still recovering from them. One of them being my mom’s favorite restaurant Cafe Fiorello, an Italian place that boasts fifty kinds of antipastis. We chose to get a little of everything.

Pineapple juice and champagne, mmmhh

Jams, mascarpone cheese and muffins

Scottish smoked salmon eggs benedict

Vegetable and soy cheese pizza

We couldn't go there and not order the authentic Italian pizza, even if it was breakfast.

From there we walked in the pouring rain to the formerly known “craft” museum which is now The Museum of Art and Design. The exhibit going on was “Swept Away” Dust, Ashes and Dirt in Contemporary Art and Design.

These two bottles were stained with smoke showing scenes of broken-down American homes.

This is a floor installation by Elvira Wersche. She maps out the whole thing with chalk on the floor, layers geometric patterns on top of each together, taking shapes from Islamic mosaic tiles, until she creates the design she is looking for. Then she fills in each area with sand from all around of the world. They are all natural materials, and none of them have been altered or dyed. She carried around ashes from ground zero for 6 years before she finally used them (not in this piece) on a 9/11 anniversary. She also has sand from evocation level 6 from Troy, which is nearly 30,000 years old.

Once completed and on display for a few weeks in a place, she herself walks over it, or museum goers are allowed to destroy it, and take home sand with them.

There was also the glass exhibit, where “Mr. Murano” invited artists to come to the island of Murano to make pieces. Many of them had not worked in glass before, and it was interesting to see what came from it. This from an abstract painter, who created an abstract glass piece.

What do you see?

Some other cool ones by experienced glass makers:

Notice the relationship between the animals' playful poise and the fluffiness of its' tail to the sharp, jagged pieces of glass it's made from.
(I was trying to sound pretentious, but I think I screwed the pooch with my use of the word fluffiness. Speaking of, did you know 'screwed the pooch' was originated by naval officers to mean "crash one's plane into the water"?) Mission accomplished.



My favorite: Shitting Doves of Peace and Flying Rats

After exploring the whole place, we went to MOMA to see the Cindy Sherman exhibit. Since I had already seen it, I wandered the place and found these puppies…

I wish I could have taken pictures of those little girls drawings of Starry Night. So cute! But I thought that just crossed the line of creepiness...

Guess who?

After all the eating and musuem-going, we went and saw THE NEWSIES! Yea! It was so good. I felt a little guilty seeing it without Liz…until the first song. Liz who? Now keep your judgmental comments to yourself, I’m going to reveal something I’ve been hiding for a long time. I have this weird thing about clapping, I don’t like it. I don’t even like to hear it. Especially those high pitched claps my brother does. It’s like a nails on a chalk board. When I attempt it myself,  it burns my precious porcelain hands when I force my palms together. Usually I do the fake, soundless tapping of my fingers to my palms. But not for The Newsies –  I threw caution to the wind, and clapped like Tinkerbell’s life depended on it. Hmm… maybe there should be some sort of rating system based on clapping…

I think I’ll put this into effect next show I go to. Maybe wear a little sign so people around me won’t throw their Playbills in my face for not clapping. “I really DID enjoy it!! Look, just read this..!” 


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