I thought all of our overeating could be blamed on the friends and family we’ve had in town lately. Apparently I’ve been kidding myself. After chowing down on some Chipotle (mmhh soo good), and then frozen tart from the YoGo food truck, we took a short stroll, stopping in to several vintage and used clothing stores.

After maybe only an hour of very slow walking (we’re normally at speed walkers’ pace) we came across a dozen people standing outside a closed restaurant. To me a line means excitement. There is no reason impatient Americans would wait for anything unless it was going to be good. Celebritys, DisneyWorld, Harry Potter movies, they all involve lines!

We asked these ‘waiters’ (is that the term for someone who waits in a line? liners? foodies?) what all the hubbub was about, and they said this place was awesome, it opened at 5:30, and the only way to get in right away was to get there before it opened. It must have been fate, or pure luck that we happened to stop by at just that moment. So… we got in line.

The line

We were smart enough to only try a few things..

The 7 spice chips were okay. After eating baked chips and pita for so long… fried potato chips make me kind of gaggy. I guess thats one healthyish habit I have. (A dislike of fried chips, not being gaggy). These weren’t my favorite chips in the world. And I only tasted 3 spices.

Next up, roasted rice cakes. These were yummy. Spicy, little crispy on the outside, chewy on inside, very creative flavors.

We couldn’t go to Noodle Bowl without getting some actual noodles… Ginger Scallion Noodles served with pickled shitakes, mushrooms and cabbage. Once you got past the humongous pile of pickled things, the noodles were pretty good under there.

I think the “frozen hot chocolate” of this place is there fried chicken, one american style, one korean style. Next time someone will have to order that.

Those waiters were right, look how quickly this place filled up.

My rating for this restaurant is a B+, or silent clapping. My mediocre rating probably had something to do with the fact that we had literally JUST eaten. Maybe this blog should be called “Watch Zoey Get Fat” or “Meals on a Whim”.

Until my next meal,



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