Beautiful Bouncy Curls Brought To You By Zoey – Thairapy 365 Thairacurl Digital Curling Iron Review

Ode to a curling iron

Oh, curling iron

how I adore thee

You lift me up

when I am down

You make me not

look like a clown.

Your gentle looks

and red hot touch

caress my hair

just like such.

Alright, that was getting creepy, enough of that. But seriously, this is the greatest thing I have ever spent money on. I’d say it’s tied with the places I’ve travelled to. Those trips only last a few weeks, this iron will curl my hair forever.

I discovered Thairapy 365 while Christmas shopping in Henri Bendels, two saleswomen tied me down and attacked my hair with it. I laughed in their face when they said it would stay curled all day. I’ve heard that one before! But I vowed that if it was curled even in an hour I would come back.

Fast forward to the next morning and my damn hair is still curled. Why didnt I know about this sooner?? Why have I spent hundreds of dollars and wasted hours and hours on shitty curling irons, sleeping in wet braids, sock rollers, hot rollers, and that awful tool from the 90’s that was a curling iron and a brush at the same time. That’s probably why my hair sucks. I can’t count the times my hair got stuck and caught fire in that torture chamber.

I still have nightmares about this thing.

I digress. Back to Henry Bendel, I took all the money I had planned on using to buy my family Christmas presents and bought myself a curling iron. What a vain bitch I am, huh? (Don’t worry I hand made them all cards to show how much I care).

I’ve also been using my curling iron in a charitable way. Everytime I see someone with a mess of a hair, I quickly whip Thairapy 365 out of my purse and say “girl, sit down and let me get to work!”. Then we bond over how much better they look now that they have soft bouncy curls. I am SO generous.

Here’s some people’s lives I have made so much better. Seriously these girls had terrible self esteem and without me curling their hair, who knows if they would have ever realized their self-worth.


Third day curls!


Sextuple bachelorette party curls.

It makes me feel good to help out others. Now if you’re wondering how did she get all those different types of curls!? Don’t fret, I’m going to tell you, stayed tuned for whenever I get around to that… sometime next week maybe? Update, here’s the tutorial. 


UPDATE: For a chance to win this curling iron, submit a comment here. Ends Feb 24, 2013.

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10 thoughts on “Beautiful Bouncy Curls Brought To You By Zoey – Thairapy 365 Thairacurl Digital Curling Iron Review

  1. ha ha…I was thinking this was the how to edition but still funny none the less 🙂 Can’t wait for the next one and getting my magical tool of course!

    • Yes you inspired me to write the pre-tutorial, the real tutorial one will be up hopefully next week. ( I need someone to takes pictures of me curling my hair)

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