Some leftover pictures of time spent entertaining the out-of-towners. First up:

FAO Schwartz, I love it here. What I really like is that it’s not just another toy store. It’s a great combination of old school toys and the newer cool stuff. It’s constantly changing to make room for the new inventions and gadgets, but you will always find the go-to stuffed animals, simple magic tricks and the other toys that never grow up. ( Though I’m a little disappointed they have the stripper dolls. I thought those dolls were only sold at places like Toys R Us and Walmart).

Take for example The Twilight dollhouse. It’s kind of blasphemous to have a 90 year old dollhouse maker (is there a word for that? a dollhouseier??) stray from his beautiful creations of victorian homes and Manhatten brownstones, but I guess that’s the evolution of toys. I can’t hate on it too much because Twilight is a guilty pleasure, and really – I covet this house.

The Cullen’s home

And it’s on sale for only $599!

The Dolls. FAO has a great collections of dolls, ever changing on to the next society obsession. Last year was Twilight dolls, a Big Ben barbie, and Barbie foosball, this year it’s Alice and Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, and Harry Potter.

These weren’t the best dolls I’ve ever seen.

I mean, since when did Harry get such perfect eyebrows. I’ll also pretty sure they just took a barbie with long hair and cut it off. At least, it looks an awful lot like when I gave my Barbies a new do.

I’m not really clear on why their proportions are all so different, but I like them none the less.

The couple of the century, Will and Kate

Check out shrunken Alice’s ribbon shoes.

On a mission to eat from every food truck in NY, we hit up two in one day. The first was the vegan hotdog stand with vegetarian chili – who knew how much I could enjoy a hot dog?! I always hated the real ones…

The second was the Belgian truck Wafels and Dinges. It’s a wafel- with basically anything you want on it. Having just chowed down on a hotdog, I opted for the ‘mini-wafelini’. Some options for covering were chocolate sauce, dulce de leche, maple syrup, whipped cream, walnuts, butter and nutella. It’s not just any ole waffle though – it’s a ‘wafel’ and somehow that means it’s soft and chewy on the inside and perfectly crisp with the hint of maple syrup baked into the outside. I don’t know how they do it.

An apparently they don’t want me to. Look at that glare!

The mini, smaller than my hand, in all it’s glory. I will definitely be going back for more, maybe a full size with the works.

While in little Tokyo looking for an open noodle bar, we stumbled across the one lone non-Japanese restaurant that happened to also be the one type of food Emily said they wanted to try while in New York. Afghan food, It could not have landed more in our faces. So, we ate.

Even though I had a strong taste in my mouth for noodles, this could not have been better. I thought it would be closer to Indian food (patooy) and maybe it is.. but whatever the table ordered was delicious. There was some sort of mushed pumpkin dish with basmati rice and a potato-tomato dish.

The entertainment was the best part. A customer sitting on the patio outside smoking his hookah he ordered from the restaurant decided to add a touch of marijuana to said hookah. Well, more than a touch, a LOT. Enough that it was wafting in the door making us all a little more relaxed. I thought “huh, what a shockingly progressive neighbor this is, are we in Venice Beach or something?”… but no, he was breaking the law in clear daylight, using the restaurants property, and basically being an idiot. The manager removed his hookah, and the customer denied the ENTIRE thing. Seriously? Are you that high?

The funniest part was once he had a screaming fight with everyone and paid his bill, he stood up, poured the last bit of tea from the pot, picked up the cup up with two fingers and daintily drank the last sip. We narrated his thoughts watching through the window. Good times.

So, I guess I like afghan food. It even encouraged me to order indian the next night, by myself! huuuahh! What’s happening? Don’t fret, I just ordered those potato things. I’m starting simple.

Before the friends took off for their birdventures, we checked out Peter and Hilarie’s roof.

This doesn’t look good.

To end this clusterjelly (I just made that up in an attempt to find a suitable replacement for clusterf$#k, does it wield the same effect? I think so.) Here is a picture of a tree growing over a fence.


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