Mission Incurlable – Thairapy 365 Digital Curling Iron Tutorial

Well, today I tried to make my curling iron tutorial for a friend who ordered Thairapy 365 which by the way is down WAY on SALEEEE for $180. (I know that sounds crazy, but think of it as the new Chi).  Peter was busy so I couldn’t get him to come take my pictures while I curled. So I attempted it myself.

First, I tried to find a place in my apartment where the light is good. Which is nowhere. I even stood on a chair and adjusted all the can lights to hit me, and still nothing. I pushed back all the curtains so that I was now looking directly into my neighbors’ homes. The only place where you were going to be able to see was the bathroom, because of that idiotic skylight/hole in the ceiling.(This is not a complaint about skylights, it’s a complaint about my skylight. It’s 15 feet above me, I can’t see out of it, and I’m pretty sure there is a mouse living up there kicking dirt into my shower.)

I sat on the toilet with the computer on the sink praying that the leaky faucet would just miss the back on the computer and not destroy everything. (Wish I had a picture of that… but alas then I wouldn’t have had the need to be in there in the first place. Catch 22).

So there I am sitting on the pot, with my magic glove on one hand, blazing hot curling iron in the other. Now who’s going to push the button on photo booth to count down the 3 seconds…

By the time I hit it and put the iron back where I wanted it in my hair, the timer would have gone off. Or I wasn’t smiling. Or I couldn’t wrap it down the end quick enough. Or I’d burn the top by attempting the same picture several times. Or the picture was blurry. Or I forget to lean back in the right light. Or the wire was tangled. Or in my face. Or because I was sandwiched in between the shower and the wall, my arms had to be so high in the air I couldn’t curl it right.

I give up. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Maybe the point I was trying to make is… no how small my apartment is or how incapable I can be at something, the hair still turns out good, a true testament to the awesomeness of The Iron.

Behind the scenes: Because of the sunsetting and the need for light, I am leaning up against the toilet, holding the computer with my feet, steadying it with my hands. This is getting a little ridiculous.


9 thoughts on “Mission Incurlable – Thairapy 365 Digital Curling Iron Tutorial

    • Bcause I couldn’t hold it, and see myself and press the self timer button. Or set it on anything. I did stack my tables together and tried that first. Then I remembered my computer…

  1. I just reread this blog post again and realized I never thanked you on how much this tutorial helped me! It really did (and THANKS!)…I remember before looking at it I was doing some strange things to my hair but your snapshots helped me improve tremendously! I still have my wth moments but I feel like I am getting better each time I use it. I just told Hilarie that every time I use my curler I think of you..in a non-creepy way of course! ha ha 😀 Thanks again Zoey for introducing me to this superlative curler!

    • Haha! You are so welcome, I’m glad that I’m thought of fondly! It I ever get over how frustrating that was to take pictures while curling, I may try again. Maybe a video tutorial would be better… come be my model!

      • The snapshot one was good enough for me but if you truly want to do a video one I can be your model in October 🙂

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