Yee Haw

Took a quick trip to Nashville, so the blog will be temporarily down while I veg out on Tennessee food, ransack jewelry boxes, and enjoy all these wide-open spaces, (all the while humming that song cause ya know, “when in Nashville…”.) And Drive! My BFF said I was using her gravel driveway like a race track the other day. Don’t worry I avoided all dogs, babies, and cows in my path. Not kidding, those were all REALLY road blocks in said racetrack/driveway.

Trying to play a prank on the parents.

Maybe I’ll write a country song while I’m here about speeding down the dirt road past the babies and cows. I can hear the tune of it now.

See you in a few days, and with super duper big exciting news, you might pee your pants a little. Or at least I did. I’ll reveal the news when I know more.

The braid that couldn’t decide what it wanted to be, so its 3 different things.


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