Big News!

I have been impatiently waiting what seems like weeks for a package to arrive. It was really only 5 days I think. But I’m terrible at keeping secrets, and I didn’t want to announce anything too soon just in case it didn’t happen. Like if the neighbor stole my box or something.

Let’s rewind.

It all started last week, I was practicing the art of laziness when I got up to use the bathroom. Next thing I know I’m rocking (banging) my head against the sink and knocking my arms into the shower. It’s not a hard task to do all at once if you’ve seen how small my bathroom is. But then I felt absolutely fine, no panicking, my head only slightly hurt, and the shampoos in the shower were in slight disarray. Why I then texted Hilarie, the queen of anti-calm medical issues, I don’t know, who then set off a chain reaction of panic in everyone else.

So against my will, kicking and screaming, I went to the doctor. He weighed me, poked, prodded, felt me up a little, took my blood pressure about twelve times, tested my reflexes then did a EKG where they stick those things on you then attach what looks like jumper cables to each stickers. He ordered an ultrasound on my heart just in case (which I later had – end result, I’m fine, super healthy, but I could use a little Vitamin D).

The point of that long story is stupid, except for the end. When I was leaving the doctor’s office with the results that I was “most likely fine but go have another test taken” I got an email from Thairapy 365 (if you don’t know what I’m talking about right now, you may as well quit reading.) Brianna, the wonderful person over there wanted to send me a curling iron as a giveaway. Seriously! For one of you guys! Someone else besides me will actually get to experience the ridiculous amazingness of this thing. And maybe you can vouch that I’m not crazy and that it is actually a really good product. Warning, it may come with one glove missing since I just lost mine. (Kidding, I’ll sacrifice myself so that you can learn the proper techniques.)

So the point of the story, no good fainting goes without reward.

Leave a comment below about your worst curling iron experience, or whatever else you want. You can read about mine here. Then I’ll use a random generator to determine the winner. (And everyone give a big cyberspace thanks to Brianna for being awesome!) You have 2 weeks, May 31, 5PM your comment must be submitted. Tell your friends.

This could all be yours!


23 thoughts on “Big News!

  1. I went to get my hair styled at a salon and I could smell burning and see smoke as she curled my hair! I was terrified my hair would spontaneously combust, but luckily it was fine. πŸ™‚ I would love to win this!

  2. As you know being my cousin, I am the most uncoordinated person when it comes to doing anything that has to do with fashion, especially in the hair styling department. I just can not do my hair. My hair looks differently every time, and not usually good in my opinion. The left side is really curly, while the right side is sort of curly and I have no idea what the back looks like. I have two curling irons that I try to use to the best of my ability, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. If it is easy as you say it is, even for a person who is hair styling challenged, then put my name in the generator.

  3. I can never curl my hair the way that this curling iron does. I have a cheap curling iron that is like 10 years old. One time when I had really short hair I decided to curl my hair for prom. And I looked like curly sue!!! It was awful. When zoey curled my hair with this curling iron I fell in love I want one sooo bad but unfortunately they are to expensive so please let me win!!!!!

  4. I don’t really have any bad curling iron stories, but I have a whole bunch of hair coloring FAILS! Hehe – this one time, I decided to be adventurous (read: dumb) and bought one of those high light kits that comes with a brush that basically looks like a mascara wand! I was trying to be really careful applying it, but the bleach was just all over the place. Needless to say my hair ended up looking striped and awfully yellow! I have grown it back out since then, and no bleach has touched my hair for the past 3 years!

  5. I don’t know if mine posted but I have extremely wavy hair and it’s a mess so any new hair tool I find I must have! When zoey curled my hair with this curling iron it was AMAZING!!! I want this thing more than ever!!!! Please let me win!!

  6. Zoe, you know how curly/frizzy/kinky/out of control my hair can be and that curling iron practically straightened it out. Enter me in the drawing please!!! πŸ™‚

  7. While living in Albania my I actually did burn all my hair thanks to Albania’s terrible electrical frequencies… I had to cut almost all of it off! And cried for months about it…sometimes I still cry a little.

    Also, while growing up my Mom always curled my bangs and teased them (80’s style) but she often got tired, or forgot what she was doing, and then relaxed her arm which placed the curling iron right on my forehead. I cannot tell you how many burns I had across my forehead growing up…

  8. Zoey! I like your blog. Your writing style is hilarious, I dig it. πŸ™‚

    I don’t really use a curling iron because my hair is, well, curly, but I’ve definitely been suckered into buying far too pricey ceramic flat irons from those kiosks in malls before…

    They work though! So I’ll enter to win! Haha πŸ™‚

  9. This is so awesome that you get to have a sweepstakes of sorts! May the best unruliest-haired person win πŸ™‚ I love my new curling iron..have been using it and I still have a little more training to do on it but overall it is the best curling hair experience EVER! I have only burned myself once on this thing (which is pretty impressive for me..ha ha!) and yes I was wearing the glove but that still doesn’t stop me. Good luck, ladies!

  10. When I was babysitting while in high school, the little girl I was with liked to play “hair salon”. One time, this consisted of her taking a circular hairbrush and starting at my tips and rolling it all the way up to my roots. Just for visuals sake, my hair at that point was only 1 inch from being long enough to donate to Locks for Love. I couldn’t get the brush out and my hair was an absolute rats nest the rest of the day. When her dad came home and offered to take me out waterskiing, of course I said yes. Me and my “curled” hair (still in the brush) went skiing, which only made it more of a disaster. It took an entire bottle of conditioner, my dad breaking the brush in every possible way and an afternoon of panic for my hair to be relieved of the situation. Needless to say, after that I stuck to bows and clips only while playing “hair salon” while babysitting and would much appreciate a grown up pro curling iron πŸ™‚

  11. Zoey, I think my hair is the same as your’s in texture. Very straight. I used to put a rubber band with my hair on top of my head then use hot curlers. The curl lasted about 10 minutes!

  12. I wanted my hair to look pretty for a night out with the girls on New Years Eve. We were all getting ready together, and I was curling my hair by the mirror while still talking to everyone else. I began curling strands on the underside of my air, and turned my head to answer a question. The curling iron hit the dead center of my chin, leaving me with a big red welt and a 2nd degree burn! Needless to say, this klutz could use a little help in the hair curling department.

  13. I want a curling iron, and Zoey to go with me everywhere to keep my hair nicely curled. This is the only curling iron that has ever worked for me. Curlers were an even worse waste of time, you have no idea.

  14. I have the same problem! Mousy brown hair = death at the sight of a blowdryer and any kind of iron sets it into a frizz frenzy! I used to use curlers in high school but I kinda got over it since they made my hair all static and gross. Hope everything’s going well Zoey!

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