My Fruit Fix

A well known fact about me (maybe, unless you’re just meeting me, then hello!), I love fruit. Any type of fruit – grapes, apples, oranges, kiwis, bananas, grapefruits, pineapple. Probably has something to do with my slight (HUGE!) sugar addiction. I also have very expensive taste. It’s never on purpose, obviously I’d prefer to buy things cheap, but even in a thrift store I manage to pick up the most expensive thing. So that applies to fruit as well. I love starfruit, raspberries, pomegranate seeds, and all exotic fruits.

Like blackberries. I’m obsessed. If I see them, I freak and shove as many as I can into my mouth. At holiday meals when the table is being set, I secretly sneak into the dining room and eat all the blackberries. I guess it’s that not sneaky, I always get caught, and now the family keeps a second hidden box in the fridge until everyone is actually sitting down.

I love rhubarb. Also expensive if bought at the grocery. But I’m too snobby to eat it from there and will only eat it fresh from my grandpa’s garden. It just isn’t the same without pulling it out of the ground yourself, shaking the bugs off, and leaving a trail of peelings behind you.

A young me about to eat some rhubarb

Rhubarb also makes for a great umbrella, as modeled by the beautiful aunt Val

Then there was the fruit we discovered in China. During our one American meal, which had a fruit bar, we all chowed down on this delicious, kiwi-looking, white with black seeds, sweet, fruit. Later we find out it’s called dragon fruit and of course it’s like $8 for 1.

I thought that was expensive. Until our friends Jay and Emily introduced us to mangosteen. We came across it in chinatown for $8/lb, which they said was a really good deal. Emily pulled out her knife and handed us all a tiny little thing. I was hooked. I later found it for $25/lb in my local grocery store, so back to chinatown to pick some more up.

It’s about $1 a fruit, which doesn’t seem too bad, except when you see how little you can actually eat. It’s like paying $1 for 5 blackberries. They’re about the size of a small tomato, then you cut off the hard exterior to reveal the white, worm like, segmented, slimy pieces on the inside. So totally worth it though. It’s sweet sweet sweet and like no other fruits – the “Queen of Tropical Fruits”.  Oh, and they take 8-10 years to bear fruit! No wonder they cost so much.


Next on my wish list to try, Rambutan, Jackfruit, Kiwano, Buddha’s hand,  – basically most of the things on this list.  Hopefully we’ll get to find something cool to try in Costa Rica. Any other fruits I should know about? What crazy stuff have you tried?


5 thoughts on “My Fruit Fix

  1. I haven’t really tried anything crazy…just your basic fruit. But out of curiosity..would you ever try Durian? I remember watching it on an episode of “Bizarre Foods” on travel channel and them talking about how stinky it is. Not sure I would try it but I am def curious..thanks for the introduction of some fruits I have never even heard of before..I am a fruit lover (and sweets too) as well 🙂

      • They sell it at the Asian market near me….but it doesn’t smell! So perplexing! Perhaps it’s just when you cut it open? I did try a Durian chewy candy recently – ew, gross. And AMEN to the blackberry obsession.

    • I know! I signed up for WordAds, hopefully it doesn’t get too obnoxious. The first time I saw it, I thought, “I didn’t post a video??” My goal is to earn the $28 I paid to own my own domain.

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