Memorial Day Weekend

So far Memorial Day weekend has been a blast. No, we weren’t on the beach or on a boat like EVERYONE on Facebook, but we did the best we could with this concrete jungle.

Friday night started off with Men in Black 3. I had very low hopes for it as sequels never live up to the first, but the night before we went, during an interview Will Smith said “we didn’t wait 10 years and do it for sequel sake to have a bad movie” and I trust his judgment… So the threequel(?) distant second sequel (?) was pretty good, very funny and very sweet. Josh Brolin as Tommy Lee Jones was spot on. Spooky, like you really thought it was TLJ somehow CGI’d into that role. The sound was one of the best parts.

The next day we headed to Madison Square Park where they are having a month long food festival called Mad. Sq. Eats. Dozens of local restaurants set up booths to serve their best loved dishes.

We ate a lobster roll, the best freaking veggie burger ever, veggie dumpling chaat, veggie meatball, and way to many garlic fries.

Don’t worry, I interrogated this guy to make sure the cat could get down when it wanted, and it was being fed. I pet it, and it was the sweetest happiest kitten.

Then we moved to the grassy park nearby for dessert and more food. Peter brought over a pizza with sauce, the freshest mozzarella cheese, chili oil and honey. Seriously, AMAZING. We were all so stuffed, but made room for this.

Then ate this crack pie. I’ve never done(?) smoked(?) ate(?) crack, but I imagine it’s a similar experience. As you can see, the main ingredient is butter and sugar, can’t really go wrong with that.

We laid in the grass until we were the only ones left, watching the ominous clouds roll in, until the sky opened up on us, and the nearest shelter was a tree a few feet away, where we camped out for a half hour.

Soaking wet, we made our way to Trader Joes, then to a friend’s godmother’s fancy smanchy, Central Park West, 11th floor, with a fantastic view of the park and Manhattan apartment, where we spent the rest of the night. We made fish tacos, guacamole, and actually sat around a real table and ate. The rest of the evening, we talked, took naps, danced, sat on the balcony, played euchre and took in the ridiculous view.

I wish everyday could be like this, but then I guess it makes you appreciate it more. Sooo… who’s inviting me to the Hamptons with them next weekend? I’ll appreciate the shit out of it.

Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day Weekend!

xo ZZ


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