Thairapy Blowdryer Review

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I’m Hilarie from Positively Panicked, friend of Zoey, drinker of coffee, fellow New Yorker, and lover of Sephora.

Nice to meet you.

Zoey was recently given the Thairapy 365 Blow Dryer to test out, but because Zoey’s hair can dry perfectly straight in 2 seconds under just an air conditioner, she decided I’d be a better guinea pig.

I am madly in love with Zoey’s Thairapy curling iron, so I was just thrilled to take the blow dryer off her hands and test it out.

Now, to give you a little history of my hair let me start with the fact that I have really thick, wavy (in a gross way), damaged hair. I have been coloring my hair since I was 16, I have used every sort of hot tool in existence on it, I blow dry it too much, and once got braids in the Dominican Republic to control my wild tame in the humid weather and salt water.


It usually takes me about twenty minutes to blow dry my hair, longer if I actually style it while blow drying. Even after blow drying my hair with a large paddle brush and round brush for half an hour, I still have to take out my straightener to fix some unruly pieces, especially around my face.

I have now tested the Thairapy blow dryer 3 times, once in a rush, once while my hair was still absolutely soaked, and once while actually styling it. Every time, my hair was successfully dried in about half the time it normally takes! This was especially exciting the time I was already running late. This blow dryer is super powerful. My hair has never dried so fast!

Even though this blow dryer is strong and fast, it’s not exactly perfect. It is very heavy. Heavy enough that I have to switch arms about 6 times while blow-drying, (and I workout!). I guess a plus could be toned arms. They should advertise that.

This blow dryer not only blow dries your hair in half the time, but you will see defined arms after only 8 blow dries, guaranteed or your money back!

The buttons on the blow dryer were also annoying. They are located exactly where I place my fingers, and since I had to hold on with all my might, I kept hitting the buttons and either lowering the heat, or reducing the power…over, and over again. I have a feeling my hair would have dried even faster if I could have kept it at the correct setting.

The Thairapy website advertises that this blow dryer will actually make your hair healthier and stronger. Here’s what they have to say:

Explore the power that the Thaira-Dry Blow Dryer provides as it applies technology advance infrared light that infuses a mild heat inside your hair cuticles as opposed to the hair shaft, speeding up the drying time. Incorporating antimicrobial properties through an Ultra Violet technology, your hair is actually cleaned while it dries. Did you know that bacteria and buildup can be found in your hair even though you can’t see it? The Thaira Blow Dryer removes harmful bacteria, allowing your locks to reach their full potential of beauty and strength.

I have not used this dryer long enough to say if this is accurate, but I’ll keep using it to see if my hair does get any healthier. Toned arms and non-damaged hair would be two good reasons to purchase this blow dryer. (It’s $150) But, I definitely won’t be packing it for any vacations. My suitcase is heavy enough.

Overall, I give this blow dryer an 7.5 out of 10 on Hilaire’s Scale of Cool New Beauty Products.

Zoey, thanks for letting me share my judgments on your blog!


Thanks so much to Hilarie from Positively Panicked for reviewing this blow dryer! I didn’t read all that info about how it cleans your hair and gets rid of bacteria and buildup. It may magically disappear from your home one day. Thanks again to Thairapy 365 for letting me try out their products! 

I think the next product of theirs I want to try out is the Restore RX. It looks like a straightener but it’s actually supposed to deeply condition and heal your hair. All with NO heat! Sounds very interesting… Check out the Restore RX on their website. 

xo ZZ


***Update: Having a giveaway right now for Thairapy’s Flat Iron! Leave a comment over here, ends February 24th.


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