Geeky Cufflinks

**I always know I’m going to lose/gain readers based on three topics I write about. Whether it’s the Kardashians, cat pictures, or video games – no reader has that wide range of interest. But that’s why it’s called New York Whimsy, and not New York Pictures-of-My-Cats. So this is fair warning, the post contains graphic content full of nerdiness, none of which I know anything about. Read at your own discretion. 

I searched high and low for a picture that included all three, but 2-3 will have to do.

I couldn’t reveal it before, just in case any of the groomsmen checked my blog, but this is the follow up to our ridiculous hunt in the jewelry district. Who knew it could be that hard to find cufflinks, but just the backs. The reason – Peter wanted to make each groomsmen individual cufflinks suited to their favorite video game. He got the idea from an etsy seller, but she only made one kind, so we set off the make our own.

Though I may tire easily of searching, hassling and negotiating for the cufflinks, I can handle hours of crafting, or at least until my eyes start to tire, and my hands cramp up. We used Sculpee to make all of them and then made them a little more shiny by covering them in clear nail polish.

Groomsman 1: Favorite video game – Final Fantasy 3

Here’s what I had to work with:

The hand on the bottom left.

This thing that I keep referring to as a “cat” but probably isn’t.

The “cat” is actually Mog the moogle who lives within the caves of Narshe. I’ve never played this game, so I have no idea what any of that means. To me it’s a cute cat with wings. I think they turned out really well, I just wish I had known the “white” I was using for the cats body was actually clear. But it was such an intricate piece to do, there was no way I was going to re do it. And obviously as soon as they put these on and their jackets over, it’s going to break. But who cares, it’s the thought that counts right!?

Groomsman 2: Favorite Video Game – Team Fortress Classic

For this we went with 2 of the weapons, both shown in this picture, the green thing (concussion grenade) and the blue/red pill looking thing (gas grenade). I’ve been told the game is really old (circa 1999) and that’s why they look so…unrealistic.

Here’s the recreation: 

Groomsman 3: Favorite Video Game – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

It’s the object in bottom left, an ocarina, an ancient flute-like wind instrument. I thought it was a blowdryer…

Groomsman 4: Favorite Video Game – Diablo

For this we went with some items: a scroll from the first picture and the Butcher’s Cleaver in the second pict.

And last but not least, the grooms, which took a couple bakings, and several attempts at making teeny tiny hearts.

Groom: Favorite Video Game – Portal

I don’t know what a ‘companion cube ‘ is, but it’s pretty cute, so I think Peter’s turned out the best.

That’s it! I wrote this a week ago, but I’m setting the time machine to publish for the wedding day! Woo Hoo!! Congrats Peter and Hilarie! You’ll be married by the end of tonight!

Hopefully I can get a picture of all the guys wearing them together to add to this.

UPDATE: Here’s all the guys at the wedding.


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