Costa Rica Day 1

It usually happens once a trip, we’re sitting somewhere and someone says “I can’t believe we’re here.”

In Sweden, it was sitting outside having lunch surrounded by old and new friends. In Japan, stepping onto Miyajima Island and having the deer steal our ice cream, in China, reaching the top of Dragon’sback Mountain, in Italy, spending an entire day cooking with Chef Fabio in his ridiculous apartment.

It’s that feeling of “Oh my god, nothing could be better than this.”

It never happens the first day. At least not for me. I love travelling, just not the “travel” part. I am usually so jetlagged from not sleeping on the plane, so plane-sick, bus-sick, car-sick, hungry and grumpy, that a super happy moment doesn’t normally come until at least a good night’s sleep and a meal.

We started our journey at dawn Friday morning, a relatively quick (though delayed) flight to San Jose, then spent an hour at the rental car place while they tried to convince us to get more insurance. We already had our regular insurance, plus insurance I bought on Priceline, plus the insurance I got through them… but apparently that just wasn’t enough. Finally we got out of there, with the GPS coordinates to our hotel because there are no addresses here. Turns out, it was the wrong coordinates, and we drove around for 3 hours searching for our hotel. Eventually we found a very nice man who called around to everyone he knew, figured out the name of the place we were staying, called them to make sure they had our reservation, and drove us there to make sure we found it.

Turns out the official address of “4km south of Paos Volcano” was pretty accurate.  The slogan of the Paos Lodge of “It’s like sleeping in heaven” was also pretty accurate. We sat in dining/living room with the cat named “Cat”, the dog named “Girl” snuggling next to us. The South African’s Oliver and Mark who run the place made us the most delicious dinner of chips and salsa, beans and rice, fried plantains and fish, then had dessert of strawberries and ice cream sitting by the fireplace. We went to sleep looking out our huge windows while cozied up in the most comfortable beds.

A bird flew into the living room, which made the cat chase it, which made the dog chase the cat.

The dog “Girl”

The view from bed in the morning

And that’s just day 1 in Costa Rica. I’m sure I’ll be saying “I can’t believe we’re here” an awful lot.

P.S. Don’t think just because I’m away from Scout and Killer that there won’t be blogs full of animals. I’ve already adopted and fed 4 cats and snuggled so many dogs I probably have fleas.



5 thoughts on “Costa Rica Day 1

  1. Just wanted to let you know Scott and I are extremely jealous over here…Costa Rica looks beautiful and I know Scott would be clicking away like crazy ha ha. That dog is adorable too!

  2. Zoey I feel for you. I get the same dramamine dizzy feeling for a couple days even just traveling to Florida. The trip looks beautiful.

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