I think I can, I think I can!

I’m freaking out. But in a good way. I think. There’s sweating involved, my heart is pounding, I could throw up at any minute.

Let me backtrack. We’ve spent 10 amazing days in Costa Rica. After that last post we spent 4 days at a beautiful hotel right below the Arenal Volcano, which continues to huff and puff all day long. We saw poison dart frogs, fed toucans, had a monkey pull my hair, and an animal crawl down my back. Then we took the long, very bumpy and windy road to Puerto Viejo, the Caribbean beach town near the border of Panama. We spent a day snorkeling following fish, sharks, turtles and stingrays, ate delicious vegetarian food, two teenytiny kittens fell out of tree feet away from me, so obviously I adopted them while I was there, made sure they got food and water, and let me snuggle with my all night.

Day 2, Poas Volcano, Peace Lodge, eating roadside

Day 3, Hanging Bridges and Cloud Tour

Day 4, Arenal Lava Hike, La Fortuna Waterfall, Mangosteen Juice!

Day 5, La Fortuna Animal Rescue, eating termites, zip-lining

We also did a tour of the Jaguar Rescue Center, where they have sloths, monkeys, dozens of birds, all rescued from people’s home, found on the street, or through people trying to traffic them. It was a great tour, we even got to go in the monkey cage and have them hang all over us.

Then I got to thinking “I have 3 free weeks and nothing to do, someone to watch the cats, the Jaguar Center said I could show up anytime… when else will I have this opportunity to hold baby sloths for 3 weeks??” Then, while still waiting to hear back from a few crucial things, I thought it wasn’t going to happen, so we headed back to San Jose and I packed my bag for New York.

Then Paul started up about how I should do it, how awesome it will be, getting out of my comfort zone, and that I should call the Jag Center instead of waiting for them to reply to my email. So I made a call. And in ‘Pura Vida’ fashion, the women who answered said “oh yea, I got your email, did I not respond?”

So I’m going. I’m spending 3 weeks alone in Costa Rica. Holy Crap.

My biggest worry is getting from this beautiful luxury hotel in Naranjo to the bus station in San Jose and then to Puerto Viejo – on the right bus, and getting off at the right stop, finding a hostel, and figuring out what to eat. Paul (Peter’s friend from Antioch) assures me it will be easy and I can do it.   I just have to keep thinking “I’ll be holding baby sloths and monkeys tomorrow.” I’m not sure I’ll have a “I’m alone” crying breakdown….. unless it’s similar to Kristen Bell meeting a sloth.  You’ve seen that video right? Go watch it. Go watch it again if you already have.

Hilarie also made a valid point – that even when traveling with a big group I make a lot of the decisions, book a lot of the stuff, and figure out the transportation – so I’ll just pretend like they’re traveling with me and I’m not listening to their stupid ideas of what to do today.

All I know so far is that I need to get a TB test, I’ll be working from 7:30-3:30 5 days a week (I hope most of that time involves holding baby animals, less cleaning up baby animal’s shit… but maybe it will equalize my overexcite at seeing a tiny monkey.

So I should be fine. Stop worrying. I’ll come back in one piece, probably with a few kittens in my suitcases.

XO ZZ from New York CostaRicaWhimsy


15 thoughts on “I think I can, I think I can!

  1. Sounds like a job for Zoey. It may seem scary now, but you’ll be surprised how fast those three weeks go by. Good luck!

  2. Zoey..that’s amazing! It will truly be such a great experience and one to remember for a lifetime and beyond 🙂 I have seen that Kristen Bell video and I think it’s hilarious and adorable. Good luck and have ve a great and adventurous Costa Rican 3 weeks 🙂

  3. Good luck Zoey! That is awesome! I spent 5 days alone on the French Riviera once – it was GLORIOUS. You’ll come out of this feeling the same way, I imagine. Enjoy!!!!

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