Don’t eat before reading this

It only took an hour and half to upload 13 pictures… so there will be no “well” written blog tonight. I’ll be commenting or narrating each picture. Here we go.

My ride to work, ‘Mark Zimbicki picture style’

I was on sloth duty again today, except in a different area. This is the sloth garden where the babies hang out all day. The blankets are on the floor so that they won’t eat the pebbles (which they did when I got distracted). It really was a lot like watching kids. They’d all be trying to eat pebbles at the same time and I only have 2 hands. And as soon as they fall asleep – I wanted to fall asleep. Good thing the tour came around every so often so that I would need to pick 2 of them up so the guests could get a closer look. 

This is Bridgette (pronounced Brizheette) a baby ocelot, who is impossible to get a picture of because she never stops moving. She has some brain damage and is blind (they think) but still so much fun to play with. She attacks as well as any cat using her ears. She also makes a great noise, that sounds like purring but is actually growling. I think by the time I leave I won’t be able to play with her anymore, she’s already biting super hard and not letting go. Ahh but it’s so much fun wrestling with a baby ocelot!

My first day I didnt bring lunch, so someone let me eat their tortilla with these beans. Then everyone starting pulling out their tortillas with beans in a pouch. I guess that’s the only thing to bring to lunch here. So I caved and bought my own. It’s actually not that bad…. or I’m just really hungry.

Paol likes his on white bread.

Even the Sophies from Amsterdam eat it. Though Sophie 2 made a genius move by adding sliced cucumbers.

This rest of this blog is going to get a little weird and gross. So if you don’t like dead animals stop reading, I feel strange even starting to type this, picture me having to sit there! Ok, deep breath

After all the bigger animals have been fed we start to take out the smaller ones. One of them is a baby opossum that eats “pinkies”. Pinkies are teeny tiny, just born mice that are still pink. You take one out of the cage, LIVE and cut it into pieces using scissors. Not kidding. I hope I can go 3 weeks without hearing the words “Zoey, could you pick out the pinkies”.  Here’s a picture of him loving it.

The worst is over, you can open your eyes now. I’m really sorry you had to see that, but I was eating my lunch while this was going on, so it can’t be any worse than that.

Another related job is feeding the other opposom who likes grasshoppers. One job is actually going out to the forest and catching the grasshoppers (I really hope I don’t have to do that either.) Then you take a live grasshopper and hand it to the opossum without letting it jump away.

She may look sweet and innocent here, but she was the pinkie killer today. Also a really good multitasker.

The worst thing I had to do today was go to the forest to pick hibiscus flowers.

And here’s just another cute picture for good measure.

Wonder what’s is store for me tomorrow?



9 thoughts on “Don’t eat before reading this

  1. your mom just told me about you volunteering at this preserve. SOOOO AWESOME!!!!! What an incredible experience. i leave for Germany tomorrow, but I look forward to reading this when I return. Love, Gay

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