Weekend Update

An update on my last couple of days sans blog. I’ve been having too much fun with animals and friends here to type up a blog.

Last week we tried to watch the sunset while taking a walk on the beach.

Here’s my apartment. Third from the top left. Three Dutch girls, and one American girl all who work at the Center live here too. It’s nice enough, except for the 100 tiny ants I found in my bed yesterday. Maybe I should quit eating bread in it. It’s also about a 30 second walk to the beach.

I spend a lot of time in this hammock.

It was one of the girls 29th birthday on Saturday, so I tried to make a big deal out of it, or with the limited resources I can get here in Puerto Viejo. I would hate to have a birthday and not have people singing to me, buying me dessert, and hanging with my friends. So I biked to town and got her chocolate cake, and the ingredients to make Pina Coladas.

That night we put on the fanciest clothes we had with us and went ‘downtown’. Our first stop was the Lazy Mon, where we ate delicious fried pickles (a first for the Dutch girls), had fish tacos, and Sangria. We talked for hours about the most random stuff. A lot about the differences of where we grew up, drug use (weed is legal there and they don’t even consider it a drug, yet still don’t use it, and were curious how to get drugs in the states because if they wanted it, they would just go to the coffee shop), who we like to travel with, which birthdays are special, our favorite holidays. The funniest thing Sophie said was “Christmas is basically the same as yours except no drunk Santa”.

Exsuse me? Drunk Santa?

They story they hear is that our Santa is drunk and has flying reindeer. Theirs is a much more civilized Santa who uses horses that hop from house to house and the ‘helpers’ take the presents down the chimney.

After this we went to the only other bar that’s open on a Saturday night, where they also have dancing. We hung out for a little, chatted with other friendly travelers, and finally biked home in the pitch black. That’s probably my least favorite thing about this town.

Sunday morning, I continued my experiment with Bridgette (the baby ocelot). A few times a day, I go into her cage to play with her and hang out. I was hoping after a few days she would quit growling and attacking my legs. Yesterday, it finally worked. Maybe it was because she had just woken up from a nap and was in a cuddly mood, but I was able to pick her up without her scratching and biting me. Instead, she licked my arms. I kept thinking, she’s cleaning me because she’s about to bite my arm off, but no, she was just licking licking licking. It was so adorable. I hated to put her down and leave.

Then this morning when I went to visit, I picked her up and tried to kiss her and she turned around grabbed my face with both claws and bit my lip. So now I have a tiny hole near my lip and scratches on my face. I should keep trying right?!

The rest of the weekend was nothing but baby sloths and tiny monkeys sitting on my head, but I’ll save that for another blog. Here’s a cute picture to hold you over. 

That’s Charlie and Jeremy the terrorizing two toed sloth monsters. And the other is the sweet and adorable Meta. None of them are related, but they cuddle and pick on each other like brother and sister.

Off to a sushi buffet with the girls, wish me luck I don’t get some crazy food illness.

xo ZZ


14 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Awww good blog! I think that was ure best one yet! Did u say before tgat u were playing with the cat and it was attacking you? I cant remember anything…

    • I dont understand when why certain blogs you think are good? Yes, I always play with Bridgett and she always attacks, but in the regular way that a cat does… just add more strength and sharper teeth and claws. And then subtract some brain cells. She’s basically a REALLY strong feisty Scout.

    • I took like 6 million or them that day, but I never know when people get annoyed of the same cute picture of something… so I just stuck with 1 today.

  2. Okay Zoey I’m your over protective aunt as usual. Please wash any bites and scratches with an antiseptic wash. I would keep trying but keep her away from your face! I love looking at as many photos as you can post.

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