You want to go to a Sushi Buffet?!

When the girls said there was an ‘All You Can Eat Sushi Buffet’ night at a local restaurant, I immediately thought… no. Not because I don’t love sushi, but I’ve found that in Costa Rica there aren’t a lot of sanitation standards and even though I’ve yet to get sick,  sushi isn’t something I want to test that out on.

We’ve eaten at roadside restaurants where a little boy peed feet behind us. Fruits and vegetables are often found not refrigerated. And I’ve never seen so many flies, bees and ants. I’m sure I’m just being an American sissy, people lived for centuries without refrigerating their food and they were fine right?

The town I’m living in Puerto Viejo, seems to take it to a new level of relaxation on sanitation. It’s an Afro-Caribean town, full of Bob Marley lovers, everyone rides a bike, has dreads down their back and a joint in their pocket. (My apartment fills up with smoke every morning at 6AM from the neighbors below me). So who knows if they remembered to wash their hands, or clean the knives with soap and hot water. I know at the JRC, we certainly don’t. The animals dishes are washed in cold water, we all eat at the same table where the pinkies are slain, and I certainly pay no attention when an animal pees on my head.

But I went anyway to the Sushi Buffet, because I never say no to sushi. Turns out, it was the best meal I’ve had here so far. It was more than just sushi, actually that was the smallest portion of the line, the other foods were: chickpea and tomato salad, cole slaw, papas fritos, fried yucca, Indian beef curry, veggie kofta, chinese fried rice, white rice, Thai hot and sour fish, fish croquettes, Indian rice curry, and the sushi was veggie rolls, spicy tuna, california rolls, and tempura shrimp.

Most of my pictures came out blurry or too dark because I was hungry and trying to move down the line, so you probably can’t see how delicious my plate looks. Seriously, everything was sooo good! I even really enjoyed the Indian curry dish.

Now that my money has FINALLY been transferred into my bank I’m going to try out some other restaurants and maybe stop eating PB&Js for every meal.

Really apologize for the how terrible these photos are.

Even though we were so stuffed from dinner, there is always room for dessert. We stopped at the market on the way home to grab some popsicles. I guess crabby had the same idea us.

xo ZZ


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