Jungle Pampering

After working seven days in a row slaving away in the garden like Cinderella, I wanted to treat myself to something nice. Okay, so I admit six of those days were spent sloth-sitting and I’ve only done one day picking weeds and laundry. Someone else took the task of cleaning the mouse cages. Bless her for taking that off my hands, she-who-remains-nameless is also on a valiant mission to set one pregnant mouse free each time she cleans, so that at least they can have a few happy moments frolicking freely through the jungle.

My first night free we all set off to make dinner together. A hard task when we have limited pans, silverware, spices and fresh food to choose from at the market, but we managed to pull it off. It took 2 kitchens going at the same time, using the outside to chop vegetables and lots of going back and forth between apartments to see the status of the others’ food.

I was on veggies with tomato sauce and garlic bread duty. I think the girls grabbed everything the store had, so we had a huge pot full of broccoli, eggplant, zucchini, and peppers – which I then added some cans of tomato sauce to. 

I preheated the garlic with butter, and the bread separately before adding them together and covering the whole thing with another pan to heat. It actually turned out pretty delicious.

In the other apartment they had red snapper and rice cooking.

It was like a real family dinner.

My day off doesn’t coincide with anyone else’s, so after about an hour of sitting around this morning I was already bored. I headed into Puerto Viejo, did some shopping for local jewelry, and on the way home saw ‘Pure Jungle Spa’. While in the jungle… why not go to a spa? I believe I certainly deserved it after that brief time of plucking weeds.

Upon entering the gates of Pure Jungle Spa, everything suddenly quiets around you, a waterfall is flowing while a turtle crosses your path, and there are wonderful smells wafting through the air. I chose the Garden of Eden body treatment which was described as:

“You are enveloped in a luxurious masque of fresh papaya and honey nectar then wrapped in banana leaves as your skin absorbs this exotic skin infusion.”  What about that doesn’t sound AMAZING?!

While waiting for my turn, I was brought a delicious drink of ginger, lime, cane sugar and spices. It was wonderfully refreshing after my bike ride around town. Soothing, soft music is playing as the woman takes a machete, goes out into the garden and chops down bananas leaves for my treatment. Next she brings over a copper bowl of warm water, hibicious flowers and adds lemongrass oils for me to soak my feet in.

Once inside the open air room, I undressed and she scrubbed me with a loofah, covered me in coconut oil then rubbed me down with freshly mushed bananas, honey nectar, and sea salt (they couldn’t find a fresh papaya). The last 20 minutes were layering the banana leaves on me and letting it all soak it while I got a head massage.  This was the last picture I could snag while in there, I thought it might be too weird to ask her to take a picture of me covered in leaves.

Afterwards I showered in the private back garden and then sat in the lobby and had local chocolates made by the indigenous people.

I’m hoping I can top it tomorrow by visiting the place where that chocolate was made or maybe another day of zip lining.

xo completely relaxed and smelling of coconut, ZZ


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